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Although I specialise In Chronic Pain, Sciatica, Back Pain, Anxiety & depression I have in fact treated many other conditions successfully, And below are all the categories of problems I have helped in my 20 years experience. To read about a particular problem just Select a condition to see what clients are saying about their experience:
  • Client solved his knee pain and gets back to skiing

    Knee Pain

    Sean Papworth 

    I realise now that the older you get you don't bounce back as easily but with Jonathan's help and advice, I feel I am thinking about the way I walk, the way I stand and the way I treat my body.

    Thanks to Jonathon, I feel like a young man again !!

  • Client who solved her years of depression in a few weeks


    Hayleigh Neal 

    Before I started working with Jonathan I was extremely depressed. I wasn’t able to eat properly or even leave my bed. I had found myself getting closer and closer to being suicidal that I realized enough was enough. My boyfriend, who had already worked with Jonathan on his issues, recommended I have one session, just to try it out as my situation became very worrying to myself and him. I was sceptical for a long time before I decided I would give Jonathan a chance.

  • Client solved her anxiety & depression and started her own business

    Anxiety & Depression

    Sandra Harnor

    I give grateful thanks for being recommended to Jonathan, I was all over the place having seen many therapists to ease my anxiety & depression, through Jonathan's skill I was able to return to employment and now have started my own business.

  • Client resolved pain, anxiety, depression and belly button phobia using The DTO System

    Multiple Problems 

    Kerry Macarthy

    I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone, I feel genuinely happy, and can even eat wheat again! Even my phobia of bellybuttons went during my course of treatment. Stomach bloating which I thought I was lumbered with for life, and blamed on scar tissue from several operations actually went OVERNIGHT.


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