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Skin Problems 


Tina Hallett 

My left ankle was swollen most of the time, especially while standing working, and felt uncomfortable.  The phlebitis on the side of my leg looked very red and angry and was hot to the touch much of the time. 


I was concerned that the treatment may not work and I would be wasting both my time and resources and that of Jonathan, but that proved totally unfounded.  Jonathan had been so helpful in sorting out other issues previously and he is very genuine in his desire to help resolve health matters.  I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and I definitely did not want to go down the medical route, nor did I want to find that I could not continue with my work because of this problem or suffer further complications, such a life threatening clot. 


Since working with Jonathan my ankle no longer swells and the phlebitis is nowhere near as angry looking or red or hot and it is more comfortable standing with work and much less of a concern for me.  It is so much more comfortable standing while working and I do not have the fear of the horrendous consequences that may have happened if I had not sorted the problem out.


Trudy Moore

Thank you Jonathan for clearing the past life issues.  I have certainly felt a shift.  As for my dermatitis, well it’s the best it has been for years!  There is definitely a lot to be said about the power of Meta Medicine.  Thank you.

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