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I solve people's chronic pain, anxiety and depression when conventional and alternative/holistic treatments have failed. 

When I was 21 I had a nervous breakdown. I was working seven days a week, had no social life and was advised by my doctor to go on holiday and take up a hobby. 

I went to New York and ice skated in Central Park. I absolutely loved it and decided to have lessons when I returned home.  


After a few months, I developed a problem in my left knee that was affecting my work and everyday things like walking up stairs. My doctor diagnosed me with housemaid's knee and said I should stop kneeling. However, that would have meant stopping work, which wasn't an option.  

My skating coach referred me to a 'natural therapist' who showed me that my knee wasn't the problem; my back was out of place and that was actually the cause of the issue with my knee. He realigned my back and showed me how to correct my stance so the knee problem wouldn't recur.


This was the first time I was introduced to the concept of 'referred pain' (when you feel pain in one place but it's coming from elsewhere) and from that moment on I became fascinated with how the body works. 

My therapist took me under his wing and taught me how to look at pain in a different way. He showed me how to treat the body differently from alternative and complementary therapists, and certainly differently from doctors.

I don't only look at the symptoms people have, I look at why those symptoms are there - the root cause of the problem. 


About four years later I developed a chronic shoulder problem and nothing I'd been taught would solve it so I went off in search of answers. I discovered that stress plays a huge part in not just pain but all illnesses and learned some incredible information about how different stresses affect different parts of us. By using this information, after a year and a half of shoulder pain, I was able to get rid of the pain in 20 minutes. It was like a miracle. 

I then studied many ways to release stress from the body but in 2013 I created my own system called the D.T.O. system for literally switching off stress and the triggers that create it, so that I could solve other people's pain and other illnesses more quickly. 

My mission is to change the way people view pain so they see it as something that can be overcome and not just manage Decoding Pain was founded in 2010 to change the way people look at pain. No one has to live in pain; it can be switched off using the right techniques. 

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