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  • What is decoding pain?
    Decoding Pain is a 4 step system I use to deconstruct the true causes of pain and breaking the barrier to wellness. The 4 steps are: Explaining the causes of pain Switching of the triggers that cause pain using DTO Bodywork to rebalance the body Exercises to maintain a pain-free life
  • How many sessions will I need?
    That depends on many factors, but I am sure you’ll be impressed at how quickly my clients achieved a pain-free life, even in the case of chronic complaints: 1 Session to resolve acute back pain: Gareth Anderson 3 Sessions to resolve nausea, hot flushes and diarrhoea: Antonia Ellard 6 Sessions to resolve Heavy stiffness In Lower Back & Depression: Ruth Brown 8 sessions to treat 30 Years Of Back Pain From A Coccyx Injury 2 hours to resolve 3 years of hip problems: Amanda Sharpe
  • How frequently do I need to see you?
    Unfortunately there is no set answer to this! Every person is different, and I won’t know how frequently you should have sessions until you have your initial consultation with me.
  • Where is your practice?
    To solve chronic pain, I need you to be able to get to my home based clinic in essex but for things like anxiety and depression, I can work over skype or facetime, no matter where you are in the world.
  • What is DTO?
    DTO is a simple technique I created to switch off the triggers that cause pain. I will teach you how to use DTO yourself as part of your treatment.
  • What qualifications do you have?
    Im trained In multiple modalities and have 20 years experience in helping people get rid of their pain Anatomy & Physiology Sports And Remedial Massage Reiki Meta Health EFT Matrix Reimprinting Theta Healing Advanced Clearing Energetics DTO System ( Creator & Master )
  • What if ive been told its my age, can you still help me "
    Absolutly Many of my clients were told it was there age causing their pain from kids to 90 year olds, but i was still able to help them solve their pain. Age does not cause chronic pain, there are only 3 causes of pain. If you want to know what the 3 causes are and you havent downloaded the first 3 chapters of my book yet go here and download it now
  • What if ive had an operation but it hasnt worked, can I still get rid of my pain "
    Yes you can, pain is not created the way everyone thinks, If you are willing to open yourself up to a new understanding of what has caused your pain and see it from a different angle, then I can definatly help Go check out this story of a lady who had a car accident and 2 operations but nothing worked for 19 years until she went through my formula and now she is pain free. Hit the link below and scroll down to read libbys story Go here and check it out now
  • How much will it cost?
    The cost is as individual as you are, I do not charge per hour, I design a programme to solve your specific problem.
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I always love hearing from people, especially if you need more information, answers or help to challenging Chronic Pain reversal questions. 


Please do email me, call me or book a time to speak to me. I look forward to PERSONALLY, seeing, hearing from or connecting up with you soon. 


Until we meet - Stay Healthy Stay Happy And Keep Smiling 



Call.......07775647962     UK Number 


My clinic is located in Thundersley Essex 
If you are Stuck in pain and you can get to my clinic, I would love to help you resolve it.
For all other problems, Depression, Anxiety, Grief Etc, I can work with you no matter where you are in the world over Skype 
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