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Nerve Problems
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Carole Robertson 

Testimonial: I was introduced to Jonathan through my son-in-law who had met him in a professional capacity. Having suffered with sciatica for almost 3 years plus deep rooted emotional issues, and being completely disillusioned with mainstream medicine and some complimentary like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic  I decided I had nothing more to lose. 

When you first meet Jonathan his demeanour is very friendly, approachable, humble and he gives you his full attention during your appointment which I find builds the trust you need with someone you are baring your soul to.

So after 1 consultation and 4 treatments I am pain free, (my sciatica has completely gone). Emotionally, the negativity towards issues has been switched off and I am able to get on with my life without the past dominating my future. I am 73 years of age and had almost given up and resigned myself to never being pain free. Now I can start living again.



Julie Kirby

My situation before I started to work with Jonathan was having to live with a re occurring Sciatic pain that never fully went away. The pain peaked about 2 years ago & became chronic leaving me on strong pain killers & unable to do my job as a Gardener & live my normal day to day life. I had on going treatment from a Physio which greatly reduced the pain & accompanying symptoms but it never fully healed 100%. 

I wasn’t fearful of visiting Jonathan. I was curious about his technique & hopeful that he would be able to help me. My only worry was that it wouldn’t work as Jonathan’s treatment wasnt the standard physio treatment that I had been led to believe was the best option for me to cure my Sciatica. 

Jonathan came highly recommended to me by a friend,as an alternative option to help with my sciatica. I was sceptical at first but thought, what the hell , let’s give this a try.
I had lost faith in standard physio treatments as they simply helped with pain management not healed the cause of the pain. After talking to Jonathan he spoke about getting to the cause of the pain & this was exactly what I wanted to achieve. 

I now have no pain, which is amazing & Infact life changing for me. 

After working with Jonathan I am free of Sciatic pain & the restriction that it causes. 
That horrible dull ache that works it’s way down your leg slowly throbbing just to remind you it’s there. It keeps you awake at night. It restricts your movement & therefore your life. Never ending pain killers combinations that leave you feeling nauseous & generally unwell. It’s now all gone. After just 5 treatments.. it’s gone. I genuinely feel free of Sciatic pain. It’s like a mini Miracle has happened to me & I can’t thank Jonathan enough. 

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Sammantha Mckinley

I had suffered with sciatica related pain for some time with pain running the full length of my legs.  I had tried conventional physio but nothing was working.  I was encouraged to go to Jonathan by a friend who had experienced tremendous results from his work.


I was very happy to work with Jonathan and put my complete faith in his treatment therapy.  In such a short space of time and only a few sessions the pain in my legs disappeared.  With manipulation and exercises I was encouraged to do at home I am now pain free.  I am able to sit comfortably for long periods of time which before seeing Jonathan was not achievable.  I never had any worries in his treatment methods and would highly recommend him.

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Selina Baker 

Before I started seeing Jonathan I had been experiencing back pain and sciatica for years, and had occasionally found myself locked in very inconvenient and painful positions.  I had been to see osteopaths and physiotherapists but there was no improvement - in fact, on some occasions my pain was worse.  I didn't think I would be able to continue with the job that I love, as it involves a lot of lifting and was generally becoming depressed about my situation.


I was worried about seeing yet another person to try and fix me, and that they might make me worse as had happened previously whilst trying some of the other therapists.  I was worried that I would be wasting my money and taking time off work to do it.


I decided to go ahead and see Jonathan as he had come highly recommended from a work colleague who has been treated long term by him and Jonathan can relieve the symptoms he experiences.  I thought I had nothing to lose by trying a session and seeing if it made a difference.


I was very impressed at my first session.  Jonathan explained everything to me and what he was doing and I was comfortable in his presence.  I am not a naturally confident person and Jonathan was professional and put me at ease immediately.  Over time I could feel an improvement, and all the symptoms and feelings that Jonathan told me would present themselves after my treatment did present themselves, which made me more confident that he was very knowledgeable in his field.  Jonathan wasn’t "pushy" about his methods or what I should believe, but just allowed the treatment to speak for itself.


Jonathan taught me how to recognise my symptoms and how to prevent and manage my symptoms without a costly visit to him or another therapist.  I understand what causes my sciatic pain now, what aggravates it and how to limit its effect when I haven't managed to avoid it because I haven't done as I'm told! 


I am still able to do the job I love, with the knowledge of how to position myself to best avoid my problem arising.  I am much happier and not so worried about the future.  But Jonathan is still the only therapist I have been to that has been able to make an improvement.  Since then I have had a baby, returned to work and used all the methods Jonathan taught me to get through the challenges!!

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I came across Jonathan’s work through the Back Hope Summit, I had been doing EFT which led me on the summit.  I was interested in what he had to say about trapped energy and the effects on the body; although I was sceptical about HOW the technique works, I was open to learning.


I had sciatica pain and tight calf muscles for approximately eight or nine years.  I went for an MRI which showed up a slight bulging disc in my lower back.  I tried physiotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation and endorphin release method and I went to see an osteopath.  I would get varying degrees of relief on a temporary basis, but once I went back to walking or cycling I would be back to square one in no time at all.  I thought I would have to put up with the lingering ache/pain on a long term basis.


In some ways I was lucky, I liked food and the weight was piling on so it prompted me to keep looking for a solution.


Since I have worked with Jonathan I have not looked back.  I have made many changes in my life and all for the better thanks to his work.


I would recommend him to anyone, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with him.


Thank you, Jonathan.

Carole robertson Profile Image .jpg


Joe Ashley 

Dear Jonathan

   Just a little note of thanks for the tremendous work you have done to resolve a painful episode. 

   After visiting a therapist for initial help she was the one who told me you are the "Therapist therapists go to get fixed "

  Reassured you didn't disappoint.Over a course of treatment, you untrapped the nerve.Dealt with the pain.Then corrected posture and walking issues and have been issue free when I follow the expert advice.

Molecules Security

Severe Sciatic Pain 

Sharon Hendry

My first meeting of Jonathan is picking his number from a phone book and he was the only one who would come to my house and help me.

I had done a stupid thing. Leaving my foot on the coffee table and reaching for a can of coke!  My back went!  I managed to get upstairs and into bed but the pain the next day was unbearable.  I just lay flat on my back, unable to turn left or right without help or pain.

Jonathan came out to me that evening around 9pm.  He chatted and explained what he was going to do.  After 90 minutes of work on my back I was able to walk downstairs in just a little bit of pain.  Jonathan gave me some stretching exercises and I had a few more sessions with Jonathan.

I really believed I would never be able to get back to normality again.  I am completely fine now.  No pain and able to resume my job.

I can’t thank Jonathan enough for his patience and expertise in his field of work.

I have recommended Jonathan to a friend of mine and he worked his magic again.

Jonathan made me feel very relaxed and able to be myself.

Again a humungous thank you to Jonathan.  Keep up your good work.

White Fabric

6 months Of Sciatica Gone 5 Sessions 

Julie Leighton

I was given Jonathan Shaw’s details from my son, who was on the same networking site.  I had been having Sciatica on my right side for about 6 mths, it would improve after my Chiropractic visits, but would soon get trapped again after a couple of days.


So I thought I would give Jonathan a try.

I have always been open to alternative therapies, and after 0nly 5 visits over 2 mths, I am pain free.

I was standing/sitting/walking all wrong, so I have corrected that. I have to think about it though and keep it up.

He has shown me exercises to do every day to make me more flexible so that the nerves don’t get trapped anymore.  It is working.  I can now garden and go for walks again . Its Brilliant.

He is coming in January to talk at our WI.

Give him a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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