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Knee Pain


Heidi Hansen 

In 2004, on a hiking holiday, I somehow overstretched my knee.  I believe it happened when I twisted it.  As a result I could no longer kneel down, which stopped me from being able to participate in most exercises during my Pilates classes which I attend on a weekly basis.  I could also no longer go on hikes without having to stop often to release the pressure on my knee.  At this time I lived in Germany.  I went to see an osteopath for over two years to keep the pain from increasing.  However, the symptoms always kept returning shortly after I stopped having sessions regularly.


When I moved to England in 2006 I went to see Jonathan for the first time.  He approached my problem not by just looking at the symptoms in my knee but by approaching my whole body, starting with correcting my wrong posture which until then I had no idea caused part of the problem.  Through physiotherapy he managed to solve the knee ache in only eight sessions.


After this I decided to ask him to help me with further pains I had in my lower back and an extremely stiff neck.  These physical problems were treated with reiki and physiotherapy.  Struggling to recover from two deaths in my family which had both happened in a short time span, my daughter suggested seeing Jonathan again to try EFT.  I know it made a real difference in managing to deal with these great losses.


Now that we are back in Germany we often joke about how great it would be to have a Jonathan in the cupboard to take out whenever we need him to get rid of whatever symptoms bother us!


Thanks Jonathan.


Sean Papworth 

Since turning 50, I notice how less flexible I am.  This, I know, is partly due to me stopping swimming, however, I still have a very active weekend job, jumping and dancing around, etc.I was having real problems walking at one time, I went on a surf simulator on holiday and was “wiped out”, I wasn’t sure if it was my knee or hip I’d damaged, but thought it would recover.  However, my wife called Jonathon from holiday and I was booked in on the day of my return.


I’ve been to Jonathon before for snowboarding accidents, bad back, etc so I was confident he would put me right, so when my wife booked me in, I didn't argue.So after a few sessions with Jonathon and doing my exercises (which Jonathan had suggested) regularly I felt I was heading in the right direction, and Jonathon was pleased with my progress and “signed off” after six sessions.


I realise now that the older you get you don't bounce back as easily but with Jonathan's help and advice, I feel I am thinking about the way I walk, the way I stand and the way I treat my body.Thanks to Jonathon, I feel like a young man again !!

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