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Suzzanne Hutchins


Suzanne Hutchins

I met Jonathan on a training course.  At that time I was training to be an EFT practitioner and I was also working on releasing a phobia of mine, and Jonathan offered to help me with it.


I had experienced a couple of highly emotional EFT sessions in the past with another practitioner so I was expecting the same, but Jonathan's approach was so completely different.  He was calm and soothing and he allowed me to address each issue at my own pace.  He was expertly able to keep me emotionally safe throughout.  If anything with emotional charge did come up Jonathan was with me, keeping me calm and reassuring me until it was all completely resolved.  His approach with me when using EFT taught me so much about how I would approach my own clients using EFT and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the practitioner I am today without Jonathan’s teaching and guidance in those sessions.


My phobia felt pretty complex and there were a couple of times when I felt like giving up, but Jonathan never gave up on me.  He would always be looking for new things to try, new angles to come in from, maybe a different technique.  His passion and determination and his positive attitude really inspired me to keep going and to see it through.


We then both came across Theta Healing and after experiencing what it can do, we were both offered the training.  Jonathan felt this would be of benefit for me in releasing my phobia. After the training I went back to Jonathan with a list of beliefs which I felt were keeping my phobia in place, so he worked with me to release them.  During the process I did get quite anxious as it brought up some past emotions, but again he was caring in his approach and he was very quickly able to resolve my emotions by bringing in the healing work that was needed.  He then told me that he was able to now lift the phobia off me, which I was very sceptical about.  But as he did so I felt myself go light headed for a moment and I felt as if a weight had been lifted off me.


The next couple of days I was feeling upbeat and I had positive images popping into my head about the phobia.  I didn’t test it out until day three, but when I did I was amazed and excited!  I felt so different and all the head talk I was used to getting was gone.  I was experiencing things and places in a new way which I thought I would never do!


If it wasn’t for Jonathan's determination I'm sure I wouldn’t be released from this phobia now.  He taught me so much along my journey, he was always there for me when I needed him and I can’t thank him enough for being there for me and not giving up on me.  I’ve made a true friend in him for life.

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