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Back Pain



Jenni Matten 

Before going to Jon for help I was getting really bad pain in my lower back which would pulsate up my back and temporarily paralyse me in whatever position it caught me in. The experiences were rather frightening but I thought it must all be down to being heavily pregnant (7 months) and that I just had to deal with it until baby was born. 

 However, after speaking to Jon I decided to have a few sessions with him. After my 1st session I felt a massive difference and by the end of session 2 he had eliminated all pain and spasms in my lower back. 

 Thanks to Jon’s work I’ve spent the last couple of months of my pregnancy pain free. Other expecting mums I know are always complaining about pain in their hips and back..... but not me! 



Gareth Anderson 

I had been suffering with mid to low back pain for a week and finally went to see Jonathan.  The pain had been affecting my sleep and daily activities, so even though it was the holidays I called Jonathan because I just couldn’t take the pain any longer.  I have seen Jonathan many times over the years and I know that he always gets straight to the issue and fixes the problem.  Within one session he sorted out my back pain.  I can now bend and move without hurting. I highly recommend that anyone in pain come to see Jonathan, because he is quick at sorting out the pain so that I could get on with my life, and he always finds the time to fit me in.Thanks Jonathan



Luke Kosir

Since Jonathan is a few thousand kilometres away we worked exclusively via Skype.  

For more than a decade I suffered from depression and heavy stiffness in my lumbar back.  My multifidus muscles in my back were basically dead, not doing their functions.  We had six sessions.  Every one of them was unique, especially two of them where Jonathan guided me through very, very old trauma from my grandmother.  He helped me to release all the emotions.  After that my back felt so much better.  I visited my local physiotherapist and he confirmed that the multifidus muscles had started doing their job.  He couldn't believe it.  Together with heavy stiffness in my lumbar back also the depression went away!! What a heavy burden was released from my back and all the credit, guidance and help goes to you, Jonathan!  Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart!  I finally can live more normally.



Jane Haycock 

I went to see Jonathan after being told by a chiropodist that I had a curved spine and would need treatment for most of my life. After seeing Jonathan he said this wasn't the case and I started to have therapy massages alongside Reiki.  Jonathan detected quite a lot of stress issues and decided to use EFT alongside Meta-medicine to help my confidence and emotional issues that were causing me pain. To this day I still use EFT and Meta-medicine to help all day to day issues I come across, including the common cold.  I'm now so much more confident and understand why certain problems occur within my body. 



Ruth Brown 

 had been suffering from a chronic back problem for three years before I started working with Jonathan, caused by a dysfunctional sacro iliac joint.   I had become trapped in a cycle of fear and despair which meant I was finding it difficult to work, look after my family and take part in normal day to day activities.I had tried a wide range of techniques to try and alleviate the problem and had spent hundreds of pounds on therapy and treatments including physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and steroid injections.  I was starting to lose all hope when…

I heard Jonathan speak at an internet seminar on chronic back pain and his approach just seemed to make sense.  I have no doubt that my physical pain and the emotional and mental stress I was feeling were intrinsically linked, and it is only by working with Jonathan to treat the trauma that my body has started to heal.  He has also helped me to understand the importance of posture, mobility and flexibility and how the body’s repair cycles work.

I am now back to my full hours at work, have enjoyed two holidays and am able to stand and walk without pain and am gradually returning to a full and active family life as my strength and stamina build up.  I can feel joy in my heart again.

Jonathan has always been flexible, considerate and available at the end of the phone when I have had the inevitable wobbles which happen when recovering from any long term illness.



Johanna Hansen 

When I started treatment with Jonathan I was about 16 years old, very cynical, very mid puberty.  The reason I went to see him was a bend in my spine.  It was treated by an osteopath as a child and he managed to get me to walk properly again, but what he couldn’t remove was the chronic pain.  He also could not stop it from getting worse every time I stopped seeing him on a weekly basis.  With Jonathan that changed fairly drastically.


I guess I had every single doubt someone could have.  I am in general not someone who believes in things that don’t have what I would call “solid” proof.  I also hadn’t met anyone who had experience with this kind of therapy.  However, I gave it a shot.  I thought the worse that could happen was to feel unbelievably ridiculous.  And I was right, I did feel ridiculous!  But it worked and I got rid of something that I thought I was just simply going to be stuck with.  When doctors tell you that your condition is what it is and there is nothing you can do besides lifelong therapy when you are about eight years old then that’s not exactly very motivating.

Very scary, very exhausting and very, very liberating.  I sometimes really wanted to tell my friends and family about it but very often what I would tell them wouldn’t come across right.  Also, having this in my life makes me feel like I run around with some sort of shortcut to solving problems but I can’t share it because people have to go and experience/believe it themselves.  That can be frustrating.

I still have questions about the why and “how on earth!!!”, but to be perfectly honest when I take an aspirin I don’t exactly understand what’s happening with the chemicals and why the pain receptors stop receiving, only because this is so much bigger and so much more meaningful to me (because it stops the cause and not just half a day of the symptom) that shouldn’t mean I need it explained more than the traditional way of numbing the pain.  Quite the opposite.


I have got rid of much physical pain through this work already but the pain that was most amazing to be rid of and most relieving was plain old lovesickness.  I never thought Jonathan could help me with it, but he really did.

My past-me would have rolled her eyes and called me “sickeningly happy” – which I really am.  I see things in relation to the whole picture now.  Often I am aware of what it is that causes me pain, then I deal with it and it just goes away.  It’s brilliant!


My most recent example is something that happened to me earlier this year.  I tripped over the last step of a set of stairs and twisted my ankle.  Only the funny thing is that the exact same thing happened to me last year in the exact same way, in the same week and in a very similar situation.  I was realising that I was having a kind of deja vu, which somehow made it possible for me to detect the reason for my tripping over and I managed to fix my ankle that same night instead of spending three weeks on crutches like I had done the year before.

I feel very lucky to have found this.  And I hope that others will give it a shot and manage to let go of whatever it is that’s been holding them back.  Move on, let it go.  It’s so worth it



Shivanni Sarah Fox 

I started working with Jonathan back in May this year. I was at a particularly low point as the severe chronic low back pain I’d suffered from for over 30 years was getting steadily worse despite all my efforts working with yoga, acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, reiki, massage, etc to manage the condition. My painkilling medication was steadily increasing and I was getting to the stage where I didn’t want to go on living in pain anymore. As a child I’d fractured my coccyx in a skating injury and had surgery to remove it and also a small part of my sacrum, however, referred pain affected my lower back, hips, right leg and pelvic area.


I was drawn to work with him because he used some therapies I’d not tried before and despite all my years of investigating alternative therapies, I’d not worked with someone specialising in chronic pain before. He was confident he could help me get better whereas all other therapies just sustained me. With his guidance I was able to heal a lot of the emotional and energetic aspects of my pain rather than just focusing on the physical. 


In the first session I was astounded by how quick and how deeply we went. Jonathan helped me reach issues I’d buried deep within myself as a small child and had forgotten about. Throughout our following sessions I found Jonathan a positive, caring and instinctive therapist. I really appreciated his time and support when a particularly difficult emotional issue came up. I also welcomed his targeted and structured approach which created maximum benefit for me and avoided sessions continuing indefinitely.


Jonathan really is a maestro magician, after only ten sessions I have my life back and am now looking to return to work after ten years on benefits. I can go out in the evenings, am not exhausted all the time and am virtually free of all my medication. I can’t emphasise enough how much of a miracle this is to me after so many long years in pain. Thank you Jonathan, you are a true star!



Jo Hughes 

I was in constant pain with a nagging back ache and painful feet which was preventing me from enjoying all the various activities that I loved doing.  


I wasn't sure how you would be different from the other people I was seeing such as chiropractor, podiatrist and sports massage therapist.  You have made such a difference to me by analysing how I use my body so all my previous aches are completely gone and I look and feel so much better.


I don't need to spend all the money I was spending with other people.  You have given me a few simple exercises to maintain the work you have done and I just feel so much better and would recommend people who have nagging aches, etc., to see you and start enjoying a pain free existence.



Susan Fish 

I met Jonathan at an EFT course last year and loved his energy and sense of humour.  When I realised he was already a Meta-medicine and Matrix Energetics practitioner I decided to ask him for help with a long standing problem I had of pelvic instability.  


I have had an unstable pelvis for over 20 years and in that time have had cranial sacral therapy, shiatsu and Bowen therapy, all of which helped enormously, but only for limited periods.  I have had stabbing pains in my right ASIS, lower back pain and stiffness that sometimes prevented me from even being able to put on my socks in the morning.  My pelvis was un-level and rotated.  


I am a Bowen practitioner myself and noticed that clients would come back after a few months with the same problem and I started to wonder if there was some emotional issue that was not being dealt with that was causing the symptoms to recur.  I then found out about EFT and subsequently Meta-medicine, so meeting Jonathan gave me the opportunity to do some work on myself for a change.  


After discussing my history with me, Jonathan very quickly got to the core of the issue with insights from Meta-medicine and over two sessions we worked over childhood experiences and even went back four generations using EFT and Matrix Energetics.  Since then my pelvis has been stable and the lower back pain and stabbing in the ASIS have gone. I still have stiffness in the morning but he gave me some exercises to do which help a great deal and I have started to do Qi Gong again which has increased my flexibility.  


I was so pleased with the results that I have sought his help with other issues and he is presently working with my daughter on her allergy problems.  


Jonathan lives many miles from me so we have been working with video calls over Skype which is very effective and has meant I haven't had to travel to see him. 



Jane Jones 

Following the removal of my coccyx, I had to be careful where I sat.  I carried a cushion with me and when I needed to sit I searched for a hard seat which would allow me to sit on the edge of my cushion.  Soft seats were no good as I could not take any pressure in the area where my coccyx had been.  I lived my life like this for a few years and during this time paid regular visits to someone who specialised in osteopathy and massage to relieve my discomfort.  This helped me at the time of the visit but they were not long lasting effects.


Then along came Jonathan!  He told me he felt that part of my problem was that the bruising from the operation to remove the coccyx had never come out of my body, hence the difficulty in sitting, and he thought he could do something to alleviate that.  After six or seven years of carrying my cushion (which by now had been round the world!), I was ready to give anything a go.  


After a few treatments I had a spectacular set of bruises and eventually the cushion was pensioned off!  I am now able to flop onto the settee, which was something I couldn’t do before without being in extreme discomfort.  I am able to sit properly without being on one cheek or the other and I can sleep on my back if I want to.  These might seem like small things, and I guess they are, but when one’s life has to be organised with such care as not to do them, they become very big.


So thank you, Jonathan, for making my life normal again – you are my magic man!



Bob Upson 

Jonathan, Many thanks for giving me back my quality of life, free of back problems.  

 I have been going to osteopaths on and off since 1977.  I now realize your approach to back problems is the right one.  The level of treatment you provide is outstanding.  You are genuine, and give value for money treatment.


I wish you all the very best.



Alex Thake 

 had been suffering with vertigo and back pain for a good eight months after falling 14 feet off a ladder.  The pain and vertigo had worsened over the last four months.  I spent three months in hospital with a broken back and then after that I saw the doctor twice and all he did was offer exercises and pain killers which didn't work.  The pain killers only dulled the pain and didn't last. 


I had finally had enough and went to see Jonathan.  Within two sessions the vertigo completely cleared and the back pain lessened, and by the fourth session I hadn’t any pain in my back at all. 


I was very sceptical but I am now a firm believer in the techniques that Jonathan uses.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering in pain, and will continue to do so.


Thank you Jonathan for helping me become pain free!



Lester Apthorpe 

I seemed to have constant pain in at least one joint in my body at all times. Back, knees, fingers. I can't remember feeling 100% healthy. 


The only reservations I had with going to see Jonathon was the fact I'd have to pay for it. But its worked and you can't put a price tag or health/happiness. I now go back every month so this proves how worth it the therapy is.


 I have been to see Jonathon for various problems. 


The first being bad knee pain 24/7. I couldn't run, had to stop playing sports and just standing up at work caused them to go bright red and burn. Doctors put it down to "growing pains" but with Jonathon's help within a few weeks they were great and I've never had a problem since. 

Jonathon also cured my lower back pain which was causing me pain for months. He showed me how to improve my posture and stop it from happening again. 


I fell whilst snowboarding and really hurt my shoulder. Within one session of working tissue in my back my shoulder was cured. 


Doctors then diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel and said I should really consider an operation or steroid injections. I saw Jonathon and he detected a tension in my shoulders and worked on my shoulders for half an hour and the "carpal tunnel" symptoms have not returned since. 


I now see Jonathon every month for an all over "check up" as I trust that he will find any problems before I can feel them. I refuse to ever step back into a doctors surgery again without seeing Jonathon first. 


The results from seeing Jonathon have been better than I could ever have hope for. I now live a pain free life and have the assurance that I will be checked on every month so no underlying problem is going to slowly get worse. I have so much trust in Jonathon and thoroughly enjoy going to see him and listening to his wise words. 


 My life has changed in a drastically positive way. I can now go to the gym, go running, play badminton and live my every day life with no back pain, knee pain and I can  nowgrip things like i could never do before with my hands. 

I now really enjoy compete in obstacle races. Before, I would never have considered entering because i knew my knees wouldn't be up to it, in November 2014 i came 300/8,000 in the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest. I could have never even dreams of competing if it wasn't for Jonathon help



Matt Cantata 

Before I had my initial appointment with Johnathan I had been suffering from a bad back for at least six months to a year. The pain had become pretty much unbearable and as I am a delivery driver it made my job extremely difficult.


I was a little apprehensive about getting treatment, but my friend Gareth had assured me that I wouldn't be disappointed with the results (he had seen Johnathan for  a shoulder injury).


After seeing Johnathan for the first time I was pleased with how the first appointment went. I wasn't pain free but my discomfort had eased somewhat. I believe that after three appointments my back pain had gone.


I have seen Johnathan a fair few times now and have always been extremely pleased with the results. I am now in a position where I can realise what has caused the pain I feel, but still need help to release it from my body.


I now know the root of my back problems as Johnathan is able to talk me through events leading up to my discomfort in my back which has helped me to understand why I feel the pain in my back. Other therapists have told me that my back pain is due to a weak core strength, and that is why I suffer with lower back pain but Johnathan has proved to me this is not true by making me understand why I feel pain. Very pleased with the results



Jill Tennant 

When I first contacted Jonathan I was suffering from back problems and agonising muscle spasms which would literally crush the breath out of me. The slightest thing could trigger a spasm and I would be unable to move for several minutes till it wore off.  I was housebound,  scared and struggling to cope with even the basic necessities of life. 


As I searched the internet for help I found an interview with Jonathan which impressed me and I contacted him straight away to arrange Skype consultations.  I actually find it quite upsetting to think about how awful my life was at that time but in Jonathan I had found someone who understood what was happening and how to help me. Progress was slow but I soon began to see little signs of improvement. The support I received from Jonathan was exceptional and this was very important at a time when I felt isolated and alone.  At the start when I was in so much pain I had to call him twice between sessions and was helped through the crisis each time.  Over the next few months the spasms lessened in intensity and frequency. Gradually life became worth living again.


As I began to be able to move more easily Jonathan suggested that I was ready for some body work. At first I had home visits from my Bowen practitioner. Now I am able to drive and can travel to appointments for Bowen therapy and Visceral Manipulation.


Having benefitted so much myself from working with Jonathan I would recommend that anyone in pain gives this approach a try especially if, like me, things that helped you in the past are no longer working. Jonathan has a wealth of knowledge and experience and when I put my trust in him I was not disappointed.



John Layton

Before treatment, it was difficult to get up in the morning because of a chronic backache and this situation made it impossible to perform ordinary tasks such as gardening and exercise.


I was a little apprehension that the treatment could make the symptoms worse.


Other treatments (such as prescription drugs)  etc. had not worked and I had got to the point of trying any course of action that could result in making life more bearable by taking away the continual pains that made every simple task a trial.


 Since completing a course of treatment by Jonathan and continuing the set of stretching exercises that you prescribed I am now, on the whole, pain-free. Those things that I could not do are now once again possible and I am back to leading a relatively normal life.



Mary Leyton

My problem started on New Year's Day when I did the simple task of pulling a chair towards me. I felt a gentle pull on my back which became progressively worse until I could not move without being in agony.  After spending a week in bed and another couple of weeks after this, the pain finally subsided but I was still not pain-free.


After another few weeks and another seemingly innocuous task, the same thing happened, followed by the same recovery programme.


Finally, in June, we went on holiday by sleeper train to Italy. The first few days went well, but on the fourth day in handing a bag whilst alighting from a train, my back went again.  The rest of the holiday was ruined and the journey back to England on the sleeper was a nightmare.


I had been apprehensive about having treatment before this, being frightened of the pain incurred while being treated and for fear of making matters worse. However, I was now so depressed with the situation that treatment appeared to be the last resort.


After an examination and a course of appointments. 6 treatments, together with a series of prescribed stretches and exercises, I am at the moment virtually pain-free.  I still need to strengthen my back and upper body and will continue the exercises in an effort to ensure that I do not suffer from the same problem in the future.

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