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Relationships Problems


Relationship Problems

Kattherine Cullis

Before I started working with Jonathan I was struggling to communicate and deal with issues in my relationship.  Small things would feel like big things and emotions would spiral out of control really easily and, whilst there was plenty o love in my relationship, there was also a really toxic side as well where I/we didn't deal with life as a team but more like two separate individuals who were pulling apart rather than together and taking our individual pressures out on each other which was not how we wanted to be or a great example to set to our children.


I wasn't sure of how Jonathan would help - I had tried counselling (individual and couples) and neither had led me to any great change or solved the problem so, although I had an open mind, I guess I thought more that it would be helpful and that I would learn something about myself rather than expecting a huge shift. I suppose it wasn't that I was worried about working with him, I just had set the bar quite low based on previous therapies so thought it would be more of the same - interesting but maybe not life changing...*facepalm*


I decided to work with Jonathan because my other half had started to do some sessions with him and in just a couple of weeks I could see a massive change in him.  In fact he was like a different person and he had different emotional reactions (positive ones) to things that used to send him on a negative spiral which would then set me off (and I could blame him for!) Without his negative reactions, my negative reactions suddenly weren't "justified" and it was clear that he had changed significantly for the better in a very short time and I wanted to do the same.


Jonathan's techniques cleared 20 years worth of confusion, emotions and relationship issues within a few weeks.  This was above and beyond any results that I had expected!  


The emotions that used to prevent me and my other half from being a strong partnership just don't come up for us any more as Jonathan has taught us to unravel the negative feelings whilst reprogramming the mind to change all our icky and habitual negative reactions and the stuff we used to be triggered by just doesn't come up for us any more as being an issue.


I am a better partner, mum and person who can take responsibility for what I feeling strong emotion or just "off" about and through Jonathan's processes, unravel, understand and adjust my thoughts and feelings to being happy, balanced, peaceful and in control in minutes.  This means that I respond better to situations in all aspects of my life and have a closer, happier and healthier family environment as a result which is HUGE after 20 years of living blindly in a mixture of love and conflict and not knowing why.

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Fulfilling Honourable Spousal Responsibility 

Anthony Atkinson 

For years my mind has been in a state of confusion - fulfilling an honourable spousal responsibility whilst battling with ever increasing levels of personal guilt, frustration and unhappiness. In the beginning I was able to ignore these “selfish” negatives simply believing that these were the cards I had been dealt and that nothing could change. However, with time (circa 15 years) the anguish and resentment became more prevalent in my everyday life. My mind was tired and confused, I felt lost and trapped and no matter how hard I searched for a solution I simply couldn’t find any answers. A good friend saw the change in my character and urged me to contact Jonathan. I remember the day I finally called to explain what was wrong and my need for help. I battled to contain my emotions but being truthful to a reassuring voice was the perfect start in dealing with the distress that had plagued me for so long. Each session I’ve had with Jonathan has been amazingly beneficial - he showed empathy, was not judgmental and got me to admit, accept and deal with my feelings/emotions. He helped me find solitude, alleviated the guilt and restored calm to my heart and mind. I have been able to identify how I want to feel and how I need to get there for the benefit on me and my family. In doing so the anguish and confusion has dissipated and a solution has come out of the depths of despair. I have now found a path that I didn’t think was possible to walk on. As a 40 something male in this day and age its extremely difficult to face up to the emotional distress and heartache we often face. Jonathan’s help has left me stronger and more confident. Things can only get better from here. Thanks Jonathan - I will be forever grateful

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