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Kim Parker


Karen Parker 

I had a chronic and debilitating condition and had come to the end of the road as far as conventional medicine was concerned.  My consultant told me that the only remaining option available to me was surgery to remove a major organ, which he said I needed urgently but I wanted to avoid.  I felt that surgery might deal with my current symptoms but unless I addressed the root cause of my problems I would probably face new symptoms in the future somewhere else in my body. 


Jonathan introduced me to meta medicine and then I had just a few healing sessions with him.  In less than six weeks my symptoms improved dramatically and even my consultant has now agreed I do not need the surgery.  


The sessions with Jonathan were gentle and he explained everything to me clearly.  I am so glad I found him!  Thank you!


Sue Cook 

I have been a fully qualified private health care professional for nearly two decades and a user of a variety of therapies for longer.


If you have any health issue I would recommend you go straight to Jonathan because he is absolutely the best therapist I have ever, ever come across.  I have had an education from him (and that takes some doing!).  His paradigms (and he uses many techniques easily) are the most superior I have ever come across.  


Jonathan is calm, considered, and I have had my issues resolved quickly with his help.  The results I can only describe as incredible.  Let me give you some examples.  I had serious stress about divorce court cases which he resolved in an hour - completely.  I had been undergoing some treatment at the hospital and he resolved that in an hour - completely.  I had the effects of shock from some traumatic events in my life which he resolved in an hour.


As far as understanding and applying solutions to mental-emotional issues that result in physical symptoms, he is a master.  Jonathan’s explanation of the causes and resolutions for disease is the most superior I have ever heard, and based on science 100%.


What I like about Jonathan’s treatment, apart from the incredible results, is the calm way in which his treatments take place.  He is a very wise man, very enlightened and I trust him totally.  I like his methods so much that I want to learn what he does.


Whatever your health issues or emotional issues, he is absolutely your man.


Amanda Maney 

This is a very belated, huge thank you for your immense generosity with time and expertise.  Your help via Skype was invaluable, Jonathan - benefiting myself and my colleague working these things through together, plus obviously all those with whom we work.  Thank you. 


You gave me so much confidence to keep digging and to trust that I already know enough to really get some important insights here.  I so appreciate your help, thank you.


Linda Aikin 

When I first met Jonathan I was immediately impressed with his positive energy, sense of humour, enthusiasm for EFT and his passion to help people in distress. 


As we began to work on my many physical and emotional issues it became apparent that he possessed a very strong intuition and a natural ability for his chosen technique.  He uses this intuition to understand where you are at that particular time, his experience and focus to know which words to use that resonate perfectly and his knowledge of Meta-medicine to go deeper into the issue in order to discover the cause.  Most importantly, he is able to hold you in a very safe, compassionate place as he manages to instil absolute trust in order to accomplish profound changes within the body and mind.  He combines qualities of kindness, understanding and stillness with an ability to control the session if you become distracted or confused, bringing you gently and skilfully back on track.  


His sincerity and honesty is very refreshing - if he cannot help you he will tell you so and he also tries his utmost not to keep you in that never ending loop of requiring “therapy” on a long term basis.  I have never felt a second of my sessions were wasted as I was always aware that something very extraordinary was happening, whether I was in the room or talking long distance by Skype, and I always felt lighter and more grounded after our sessions.  I am so happy that our paths met and feel very blessed and grateful to know such a special and empowering person.


The journey travelled with Jonathan as my guide was a healing, empowering and life changing experience and I have no hesitation in recommending EFT as a wonderful therapy and Jonathan as a first class therapist.  I have no doubt that he has an amazingly successful future ahead of him so do not think twice about booking an appointment - you won’t regret it! 



I had a personal health issue that I went to see Jon about, my girlfriend recommended him to me and I'm glad she did. Jon was very professional and I felt at ease with him. Despite my scepticism I am glad I saw Jon as I am now back to my previous self and at 100%. I would certainly recommend his services, Jon is friendly, professional and as long as you are committed he can certainly help you to achieve a positive outcome.


Angel Kaylen

Practising now for over 17 years, without the use of medication or drugs, by tapping into the root cause, I would describe Jonathan as a modern day alchemist 



I took my children to see Jonathan for different reasons and for all they were able to continue with their everyday lives.

My son is 9 and he is very competitive, whilst competing in trials at school, he overran and pulled his thigh muscle.  He plays for a football team and this really needed sorting.  After a few weeks of rest the thigh didn’t repair.  We went to Jonathan and he was able to ease the muscle and correct my sons running habit which was adding to the injury.  He taught him about the correct posture and running technic, and to this date my son is able to go back to his sports without the thigh injury.


My 15 year old daughter again through sport had problems with her foot and she was getting pain through the inner foot whilst walking and running.  This was causing her much discomfort as again she is very sporty and it was holding her back.  The pain would come on without notice. I took her to see Jonathan and he was able to identify the problem area, firstly correct the pain which was also coming from the ankle, and again correct her posture as she had grown into a habit of walking on the side of her foot.  After seeing Jonathan and taking on board his advice she was able to be more aware of her walking habit and although this is still ongoing, the pain has not returned.


My 11 year old son.  The reasons for taking him were different. He suffers very low self-esteem and confidence.  I went to Jonathan before his SATS to try and allow him to handle the pressure better. I lost my mum, 3yrs ago and whilst my son was having therapy Jonathan was able to discover that he was still mourning his Nan. He didn’t want to deal with these emotions as he didn’t want to forget her, Jonathan was able to work with him and get him to understand how to deal with the loss without ever forgetting Nanny.  This was a massive breakthrough as he rarely talks about things that bother him.  His confidence has improved but again it is an ongoing technic that we are still using today.


Jonathan has managed to help all of our family members through different types of therapies. Thank you.


Brenda Roberts 

I would highly recommend sessions with Jonathan as his thoughtful caring approach

using Meta-Health provides solutions where mainstream medicine has been unable to go. Jonathan provides powerful results through the multi-disciplinary healing science. Unlike mainstream medicine, Jonathan’s use of Meta-Health consciously creates a

roadmap for healing that puts me in the driver’s seat of my own health.



I was recommended to see John by my girlfriend who had previously seen him before. I was very sceptical and honestly thought it was a load of rubbish, but I decided just to go for it and see John.


From the start he made me feel comfortable and relaxed, because of sessions with John I feel a lot more confident within myself which I didn’t think was possible.


My first thoughts are no longer negative, and I have seen a big change in the relationships I have in my life as people respond to my positive thinking.


I highly recommend John and can’t thank him enough for the help he has provided


Loredana Marone 

I am so very grateful  to you Jonathan...not only for your wisdom and knowledge..but for never ceasing to believe in me... in my inherent power to heal self ( one which we all posess)...for giving me hope when I felt defeated and hopeless myself
You are truly a very special human being...

Sue Cook
Angel Kaylan
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