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Neck & Shoulder

Shirley Selway


Shirly Selway 

I went to see Jonathon at the advice of a very close friend who had benefited greatly from his help with an old injury they met during a skating session when my friend was doubled over in pain and unable to skate. I had been suffering from neck pain for over 2 years and despite lengthy physiotherapy had received little respite.  It should be said that I had been through a very traumatic experience shortly before the pain started and then lived for almost a year with a family member which was at times difficult.  I also felt generally out of sorts emotionally as if I was out of control of my own life and physically with never ending viral infections and chest infection which would not clear.  I made numerous excused to myself for weeks for not picking the phone up to call Jonathon but am now very grateful that I did. A full history of my life and problems was taken on my first session and Jonathon quickly recognised that my problems were caused by the great shock suffered during the recent trauma and set about clearing this.  The first session was emotionally exhausting and combined with some physical manipulation I returned home feeling somewhat battered and bruised but not in a bad way.  Within a couple of days I began to feel better and actually looked forward to my next session.  The focus remained on traumatic and difficult events in my life mainly related to relationships and I and my neck improved with each visit. I came to recognise with Jonathon's help that my self esteem was low which had led to me being taken for granted so often in my life something I deeply resented and I was given the tools to prevent this happening again.  I also needed to let go of the desire to make everyone's else life better and concentrate on my own thereby being in a better position to support others in a more healthy way.  Those close to me soon noticed a positive difference in me. During my time with Jonathon a close relative became seriously ill and eventually passed away.  I know that Jonathon had helped me to change in a way enabling me to cope with this situation much better that I would have before I can only say a big thank you to him for this. I had a total of 6 sessions with Jonathon the last two of which mainly concentrated on physical manipulation he also helped me with a dodgy knee as well as a check on my emotional needs.  I left Jonathon a much calmer person one back in control of their emotions and life no longer feeling like a hamster running endlessly round and round on a wheel.  I also learnt to cry again thanks Jonathon.    What I have learnt from and experienced with Jonathon have helped me on a day to day basis and when I start to feel as if it is all to much I use this knowledge to rebalance myself.   Finally I know that if at some point I cannot manage to help myself Jonathon is there and I will not hesitate to pick up the phone and you shouldn't either.  Sometimes the unknown is an interesting and rewarding journey and this certainly has been, be brave and call Jonathon he will soon put you at your ease and like me you will look forward to your work with him.  I just send a very big thank you.


Eleanor Hatherly 

I went to see Jonathan with a painful shoulder which I had had for a few months. I had tried quite a few other therapies on it but it wasn't improving. Jonathan did a Meta-Medicine diagnosis on it and he very quickly and easily found out what the shock was that caused it. At the next session he did some healing work on me which took no more than 20 minutes. As well as quickly and painlessly removing an emotion I have not allowed myself to feel for over 12 years, changing some fundamental core beliefs and reframing a couple of situations, my shoulder is now completely free of pain! Jonathan is highly connected, very compassionate and always positive with a great sense of fun. This makes working together feel very safe but also light hearted, enabling profound and deep issues to be easily and safely released.


Claire Reid

Jonathan has amazing intuition. His knowledge covers a wide range of alternative therapies which he combines to form the perfect healing therapy for you.  My swimming coach when looking at my technique asked if I had anything wrong with my left shoulder. My reply was originally 'Nothing to my knowledge!' I had issues around my right neck &shoulder from a road traffic accident a few years before. I asked Jonathan to look at my technique whilst swimming. His skills in understanding the body and movement enabled him to see where imbalances were & was able to correct them there &then. I instantly felt a release around my shoulder, then progressively further down my spine and around the ribs. I could feel an instant change in being able to reach further &feel newfound freedom on the whole left side of my body when swimming. My coach noticed the improvement/difference in my technique from one training session to the next after just 20 minutes with Jonathan! Changes were instant &lasting. I have improved on my swimming times in all strokes as the movements are no longer restricted. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to anyone. 


Helen Duncan 

I had a very painful neck and top of the shoulder problem. My neck movements were limited in all directions, i could never get comfortable, either standing, sitting, lying. Had to buy an expensive Tempur pillow to sleep at night.I was constantly plagued by headaches which left me crippled in bed for days at a time, two or three times a month, and lived on ever increasing doses of ibuprofen bought over the counter. Visited the doctor on numerous occasions for the headaches, prescribed migraine tablets which never worked. Told many times it was my age (mid-forties at the time) and to basically put up with it. Saw a physiotherapist, achieved nothing.When i spoke to Jonathan and he told me what he did , i booked him for some sessions as i thought there was nothing to loose. The sessions involved with the first one dicussing medical history, listening to the problem and then checking things such as my posture and the way my skeleton and body were aligned. He noticed my back was bent and  i used my right side more (due to a previous injury). The sessions involved alot of deep massage, stretching muscles and joints with the aim of realigning me. The massaging was a bit more vigorous than i expected and i felt very different after each session, occasionally new aches and pains developed and I was given exercises to do between the sessions . After four sessions, Jonathan decided he was finished , and i have never looked back. No more discomfort, rarely get a headache and movement is good. If i occasionally get achy i just do some exercises and remember my posture and all is fine. Jonathan has helped me more than i could have wished for. Without his treatment i dread to think how bad things could have been. I would also like to say that Jonathan only needed about four sessions and he never pushed me into doing any unnecessary sessions .


Dr. Joachim Hansen

I have genuinely never been a fan of seeing physiotherapists.  However, in 2008 I had such extreme neck problems that I had no choice but to follow the nagging “go and see Jonathan” of my family.  The neck problems had really started to have an impact on my everyday life.  Working in the office, driving, watching TV, walking, you name it.  The pain did not stop no matter how many times I asked my wife to dig her thumbs into my neck and no matter what heating muscle cream I put on it.  Jonathan really did make the difference.  After only three appointments of physiotherapy I got rid of the pain which even after the first session was not even half as bad as it had been.  He also lectured me on posture improvements and gave me some stretching exercises to do at home, which I did take up when I realised that seeing Jonathan was the only treatment that had created results worthwhile.


I have since also been to see Jonathan with knee pain which stopped me from hiking, the only activity during which I can really relax.  I live in Germany now but due to my work I am still in England now and then and thankfully this gives me the chance to stop by and let him fix me in only a few sessions even though I only have time for one appointment a week.


Jonathan really knows what he is doing and I am glad to have someone I can rely on in releasing knee pain or neck stiffness whenever they build up to such an extent that both work and leisure time are equally suffering from it.  I have started to recommend Jonathan to colleagues who complain about all kinds of problems that bother them during work and their free time.  A few sessions of intense therapy are just so much better than a never ending search for mediocre solutions.


Geraldine Robetson 

Before I came to see you my life for approximately 2½ years had been preoccupied with pain and frustration.


My problems started originally with just some aching in my left shoulder, nothing terrible, it didn't bother me too much.  A few weeks later I attended a friend’s wedding where I danced all evening.  I sustained no trauma, went to bed and slept normally that night but I woke up in what I can only describe as total agony in my left shoulder, my left arm and had loss of sensation in some of my fingers.


I visited my doctor straight away and he performed acupuncture and sent me for tests and x-rays.  I booked up to see an osteopath who massaged me and again treated me with acupuncture.  I tried resting, I ceased activities which I thought somehow might be responsible for my symptoms, I had to restrict my gym attendance, deciding to only use the treadmill and gave up both swimming and Pilates.


Eventually I was informed that the tests and x-rays showed I needed an operation on the discs in my neck.  I was very scared at this point.  I was in utter despair when through a chance meeting with someone you were recommended to me.


 I would admit that I was a little apprehensive about going to see you, if I'm honest I was concerned as to what sort of a person you might be!  A man had recommended you to me but I was a female coming to see you and my appraisal of you could be different, were you a creep???  But I was so taken by the recommendation that I was more eager to meet you than worried about meeting you really and you were not a creep at all, you were friendly, reassuring and put me at ease immediately.


 Initially you did think you could treat me quite quickly but my problem was such that I did see you on a regular basis for approximately 14 weeks.  I was treated through massage and reiki in conjunction with some totally different approaches to pain relief which were explained to me as we went along.  Nothing scary or made me feel uncomfortable.  I found nothing uncomfortable in the approach to my treatment.


 I felt at ease throughout my treatment with you, I felt relaxed and secure in your certain belief that you could rid me of this miserable pain and surely as soon as the treatment started I felt relief.  Some sessions gave me a higher degree of relief than others but I was not discouraged at all.  Every session moved me forward.  I was encouraged to take up my previous activities as I was given confidence that they were not responsible for my situation and this made me feel more like I was on my way to returning to my former self.


 How do I feel now?  Wow, I feel like me.  The previous me, the me that doesn't wake up thinking and feeling pain, preoccupied, burdened and overwhelmed with a feeling of despair.  I felt old, I felt like this was just how I was going to be for my life ahead.  I just could not envisage an end to it.


Now pain does not feature in my life.  Yes, sometimes I get a bit of an ache but it is short lived and passes, just like discomfort or stiffness is expected to.  I still have an occasional massage with you every few months because I like to keep things in good order but that's my choice not my need as my life is now as it was - pain free!


Lynda Anderson

It was about five years ago when my shoulder started to ache and give me a lot of hassle.  I was finding everyday chores hard to do, even hoovering or making a bed.  I had been backwards and forwards to my doctor for ages with these symptoms, but to no avail.


First of all they told me to give up work and take lighter duties.  So I went back to work and spoke with my manager who agreed to take me off being a carer and become a hostess within the company, this I did but still it did not make any difference to my shoulder.  I went back to my doctor who then gave me anti-inflammatories but these didn’t work either.  


Over the course of the next few months they tried different things, to the extent of giving me hydrocortisone injections.  I had about three of these over the course of the next few months and these made little difference.  My doctor said it was wear and tear from my job and that the only two things that would help it now were to rest it as much as possible and to have an operation on my shoulder to fix it.


I started to see Jonathan after having an operation on my feet to remove my bunions, the reason for this was the way I was walking was putting my back out and making it very difficult for me to walk, sit and practically do anything, so Jonathan came to sort my back out.  In one of our sessions I mentioned about my shoulder and he asked me to perform some simple little exercises with my arm and shoulder; he could see the pain I was in.  He said he was positive he could fix it without the need of an operation.


A date came through for my operation and I took the plunge and cancelled it.  I asked Jonathan to see if he could do his magic; to my relief, he did.


Jonathan gave me weekly exercises and treatments to do over a course of about six months.  It did take a lot of time and was very painful to begin with, but as the weeks went on I was finding that I was able to move my arm and shoulder more freely without any pain.  In all it took over six months to mend, but at the end I did not need an operation and I have full movement to arm and shoulder without any pain whatsoever.  That was over five years ago and I still have no problems with it now.


Jonathan did fix it without the need of an operation and I am very grateful for all his time, patience and effort he put into helping me regain full movement of my arm and shoulder.  So, thank you Jonathan.


Sheila Fergusen 

I had a fall at the ice rink and my hand swelled, I thought I had broken my wrist, which was quite painful.  After going to A & E and being x-rayed my wrist was only sprained and better in a few days.  This fall also hurt my shoulder but I felt it was only bruised so did not bother much about it.  I ached for six weeks and my arm movements became quite restricted and more painful.  The fall led to a frozen shoulder.


This problem was affecting my life as it was difficult to dress, wash my hair, drive, do any household chores etc., and it also affected my sleep.  Several friends at the ice rink recommended Jonathan to me and I was lucky enough to meet him there and arrange to see him.  I went to Jonathan when he treated me by massage and manipulation, followed usually by Reiki which I found very relaxing and healing.  Jonathan was always very considerate and gentle and put me at ease as I gradually improved a little each week.


Now I am better and able to resume all the activities I was able to enjoy before my fall.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to anyone with a problem as he has done wonders for me and I have complete trust in his knowledge and abilities.


I am very grateful for all his treatment and care.


Karen Boyle 

After a fall earlier in the year I was suffering from a very sore shoulder joint, pain in upper arm muscles.I kept hoping it would all get better given time.I was wrong. In many ways it was just getting worse, muscle spasms at night and loss of strength in that arm.I had no worry about contacting Jonathan. It was just something that I just hadn't got around to.Like I said I hoped it would all get better in its own time.I have already worked with Jonathan in the past,and have always been happy with all the treatment received.I have always felt relaxed working with him, so much so that our conversations would always lead on to other health issues I was having.He would always offer advice and explanations about causes of these issues and the ways we could address them.When I finally made my appointment and went  back to visit Jonathan-he asked what I was troubled with- he got me to do a few stretches and movements with my arms. He quickly identified that I was well on the way to a frozen shoulder and added it was a really good move to have come and see him when I did.After a couple of sessions my joints and muscles were all getting back to normal functions.I would still have a few twinges but then I would check myself and remember Jonathan's words.To always remember to relax shoulders before use,  to keep them down and always using both and all my arm and shoulder strength.After two sessions with Jonathan I returned to tell him that things had not improved this week.In fact if anything, the discomfort was coming back and getting worse.He then asked me what or who had invaded my personal space that week.At first, I couldn't think of anything. Then I remembered a short conversation I had had at work that week.It had really annoyed me and made me feel cheated and under valued.We discussed the matter, then Jonathan worked with me to help me relax and change my view and feelings about the whole matter.I felt so much better and in fact energised after this and I'm pleased to say that my shoulder recovery continued to progress again.Then I happened to mention a gastric problem I had been struggling with too.Poor Jonathan I had taken so long to make my first appointment with him. Then I bet he thought I would never stop attending again.I'd had a surgical colon operation about two years ago,basically since then I had been dealing with different gastric issues, that could lead to embarrassing situations.After mentioning this to Jonathan, we worked together on this issue for less than one session.I couldn't believe the difference it made to me and my life.It changed my whole daily routine around and basically gave me a confident feel good feeling again.So, I hope these words help inspire you to be honest with Jonathan.Be open with him. Tell him all the issues that are bothering you. Not just the obvious ones.He will always be able to offer an explanation to you. This will lead on to provide the results you are looking for to improve your own quality of life.


Julia Geogiou

Before I arranged an appointment to see Jonathan, I had previously brought my 29 year old daughter to see him for help with depression and other mental health issues, via a referral from her Christian counsellor. After 2/3 sessions she did begin to have a 20% improvement, however relapsed and was admitted to hospital briefly just before Christmas.  


Due to the stress of having to care for a previously independent child I developed a terrible pain in the neck!  This was a recurrence to the mild whip lash injury I had suffered 18 months’ previously. 


So I decided to seek help for myself, as being a carer was very stressful and I needed some TLC for myself!


I was a bit worried that my painful stiff neck was nothing in comparison to the more serious complaints Jonathan normally treats, but I thought it was worth the risk as I needed help. Jonathan explained that we hold certain emotions in particular parts of our bodies, and this explained the pain. Also as a committed Christian I was concerned about opening myself up to some strange spiritual source. 


The sessions that I had with Jonathan proved to be very helpful, both as a distraction from my worries, and he gave me the most thorough sports massage which left me feeling very much better and ‘tended to’! 

He also spent one session asking me about my worries and regrets, and ‘taught’ me to think differently about painful events over the last 3 decades.  This freed up my thinking and helped me to objectively reconsider my part in my daughter’s illness, and forgive myself and others involved in the events which have led to her illness. 


Gradually, by doing the exercises Jonathan gave me, I managed to get more movement back in my neck and he also showed me how to improve my posture which I am working on!!


During my sessions, Jonathan also kindly enquired after my daughter, and actually gave me some objective advice which transformed the way I viewed the situation as ‘carer’. Tentatively, I drew back, detached, started living my own life, and watched a miracle of gradual transformation in my daughter who previously was pacing, pitifully anxious and indecisive, not eating etc, as she began to take her life back into her own hands. 


Over a period of 11 months, she is now working part time, able to relax, and much more independent! Still a way to go, but if I hadn’t had Jonathan’s wise advice my continued well intentioned interference may well have kept her stuck.  


I am glad that I took the bull by the horns and sought help – I certainly got more than I bargained for, and the kind advice and listening ear was just the tonic I needed during a terribly stressful time in the life of me and my family. Somehow, although the NHS has been brilliant in helping my daughter, I felt helpless and hopeless in the situation, and it seemed like Jonathan had a lot of objective wisdom to share and I am grateful that he didn’t do the ‘politically correct thing’ and leave me in the dark. He was brutally honest with me!! As a mother, you naturally wish to help your child, but once she is grown up the onus is on her, which I needed courage to believe that in the midst of her major depressive episode!  I believe God used Jonathan to help me!  I am much more relaxed, have made a major career change, and weathered a recent spell in hospital for gallstones with no problem. 


Thank you |Jonathan!


Brin Jones 

I am a 68-year-old retired business person who has led a sedentary lifestyle. Realising my upper body strength was failing I decided to exercise through gym classes. As a consequence, I managed to damage my shoulder.Through recommendation, I took my problem to Jonathan Shaw who spent a few sessions manipulating and massaging my shoulder joint and muscles. Through his very professional approach to my physical situation, I was sorted out very quickly. Additionally, Jonathan showed me how to exercise correctly to improve my range of motion and physical strength. I now have the confidence to expand my 'keep fit' regime knowing how to do it safely and correctly.Thank you, Jonathan. You are money well-spent!

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