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Stomach Problems 


Antonia Ellard 

I had been experiencing some unpleasant symptoms (hot flushes, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhoea, raising heat etc) when I was going out to eat.  It was happening once in a blue moon to begin with then got progressively worse until it was stopping me from going out to eat at all.  It had also started to happen when I was going out and there was no plan to eat.  The symptoms would normally come on whilst I was getting ready to go.


I had been to the doctor who had suggested it could be IBS…they were wrong.  Luckily a friend recommended Jonathan to me.


Jonathan explained the techniques that he used and we dived straight in.  Jonathan helped me clear some emotions that I had locked up in a little box at the back of my mind.  He helped me to get to the root of the problem and clear negative feelings.  Jonathan then gave me some healing codes to do at home which worked a treat.  After only the third session I was able to go out and enjoy dinner with my boyfriend which I had not been able to do for seven months.


I cannot thank Jonathan enough.  I can now book a table without a second thought.  I have also left with a new way of thinking which is helping me lead a more stress/guilt free life.

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