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Hip Pain

Amanda sharpe
Jennifer Herbere


Amanda Sharpe 

As a young child, I was very keen on team sports, taking an active role in the school hockey and Netball team, but my biggest passion was for swimming. By 12, I was training 16- hours a week and achieved national qualifying times in three events going on to represent Essex around the country, and against European teams in national leagues.


Although I stopped competing at 19 years old, I continued to swim regularly for fitness purposes. About 18-mths ago I took up running with a couple of friends who were into triathlons, and soon started road running three times a week, picking up the distances of about 7-miles.


I have run in a couple of small events for distances of 5k, but my friend convinced me to run the Southend Half marathon with her and we only had 16-weeks to train. I started to pick up on the distance and running 10-12 miles at the weekend was causing added strain on my leg muscles so I went to see Jonathan for physiotherapy and advice. 


Three weeks before the big race my hip started to cause me excruciating pain every time I finished a run. I had been suffering with a dull ache in the right side for about three years and this would be painful if I slept in a certain position on my right side at night, but the pain escalated so rapidly that it brought me to tears and I was finding it hard to stand up straight and even to walk.


Jonathan advised me that even though he could work on the area with physiotherapy, we were on a time limit and the pain simply wouldn’t go away that fast. I was extremely sceptical of the thought of meta medicine, but decided it was worth a try.

He started the session and it was difficult to relax at first, but slowly, the emotion started to release the pain. I left that session nearly two hours after walking in, but I felt no pain. The race day came and I was beginning to worry that the pain would return, but the event couldn’t have gone any better. The day was a success and there was no after affect. 


Thank you


Jennifer Herbere

When I first made contact with Jonathan I was hardly able to walk 100 metres, moved around the kitchen with difficulty, had stopped doing the weekly shopping and hardly ever left the house due to osteoarthritis in my right hip. Last week he asked me how much better I thought I was and I said 90%. I have been to England twice in the last 4 months (I live in Spain), and needed no assistance with all that walking in the airports and I was able to include personal visits to Jonathan’s clinic.  


At our first skype meeting I felt immediately at ease with Jonathan and knew I could trust him completely. He keeps everything very simple and uncomplicated and has enormous patience. I have nothing but respect for his ability to guide you to connect with the wisdom and intelligence that is held in our bodies and would highly recommend him.  He has restored confidence in myself and my body and I now feel able to move forward in my life. Thank you Jonathan it is a privilege to work with you.


Pauline Apthorpe 

In early October I was having trouble with my right hip, I put this down to walking my very strong labrador how needs a short, sharp tug on his lead to keep him in check.  I thought after resting it for a week whilst I was on holiday it would recover.  However it seemed to get worse so I promised myself I would see Jonathan when I got back.


As I've used Jonathan before, I had no reason to think he couldn't help me again this time, although I did think he would "tell me off" for the way I was standing, always slouching to one side and taking the weight on my right leg, even the picture above shows this to a certain extent!


Jonathan booked me in, and yes indeed I had gone back to my old ways of standing incorrectly, but also I had trapped a nerve in my back which he released and with a general body massage I left my first session feeling much better.  He gave me some exercises to do at home and asked to see me the following week.


So at my next session he was able to manipulate and massage the problem area, he gave me some further exercises to do at home and I feel so much better for visiting him.


We discussed what sort of things could help keep my hip "healthy" and I have made some very simple changes e.g. my computer screen is now directly in front of me, so no more slouching to the left to view it.  I am regularly doing the exercises that Jonathan suggested, I am going to do a lot more cycling, so once I get a basket on my bike, I'll be locking up my bike at Tesco instead of parking the car.  Swimming and yoga are on the agenda!


Everything Jonathan says makes total sense, I have faith in him and believe wholeheartedly in his theories, after all who wants to take medication when you can be pain-free naturally?

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