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Juliet Clark 

I came to Jonathan because I wasn't coping with an overwhelming feeling of grief.  I had tried to overcome the problem myself and deal with it, but was unable to do so.  The actual grief itself completely consumed me and was taking over my feelings throughout the day.  I found it washed over me at peculiar times and started to affect my daily life.  I tried to analyse why this was happening, which started to stress me out and then have a knock-on effect with my family life. 


I went to see Jonathan and hoped he would be able to help me in some way.  His approach was calming and put me at ease immediately.  At first he enabled me to realise myself that the actual feeling I had was not only the grief itself but also guilt.  That particular feeling was consuming everything else and when he enabled me to realise that I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.  He asked me to think of that feeling and released it from my thoughts and replaced it with happiness.  The effect was instant and from that moment no longer affected my life and I was able to move on completely. 


I couldn't thank Jonathan enough and would think of returning to him instantly if another problem arose.  I would undoubtedly recommend his help.


Allison Golder 

Thank you for introducing me to EFT and for helping me to unlock emotional stresses and pain.


I started having sessions in 2008 to help ease the sadness over the loss of my twin sons in 2001 and more recently had further sessions for health anxiety.  I had a very profound experience when Jonathan was tapping for the loss of my sons.  I was carrying around a lot of emotional pain since their deaths and I found that EFT helped me cope and made the sadness bearable.  I really felt I let them go again and I don’t feel sad when I think of them now.


I also began EFT again this year for health anxiety.  I had just moved house and had a number of stressful events going on in my life.  Emotionally I was very irrational, especially with regard to how I felt about my health and was visiting my doctor regularly wanting answers to fears about my health.  I worked on lots of these issues with Jonathan and it really benefited me.  I don’t feel the need to visit the doctor unnecessarily now and those catastrophic thoughts have just gone!


I use it on my children and it has had a really positive effect on me.  It has truly been a great tool in my life.  Thank you so much Jonathan.

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