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Amanda Maney 

The system: I am still in the early stages of using the DTO system; already I can see its impact, with some profound shifts for clients who are finding that it takes them straight to the root of their issues and enables them to change their core functioning, whilst cleverly bypassing the conscious mind. The DTO system focuses on clearing the beliefs formed within memories rather than on the clearing of memories themselves - rather like removing an unwanted plant from the roots, rather than at the stem. It then, very simply, replaces it with the desired "Opposite, or better" belief - the wanted flower, shrub or tree. My own experience of the system? It has fundamentally shifted a profound belief which he been holding me back for a lifetime. When a core belief shifts, everything changes - transformation from the inside out. I am benefitting from this work on a daily basis with noticeable, lasting increases in optimism and joy. I am using it now for every issue and desire - watch this space! And the training itself? Jonathan very kindly offered to trial his training online, even though his preferred method will always be through face to face events. I am so glad that he did: the learning has been beautifully paced and broken down; I am using it on a daily basis and enjoying it immensely. This "simple" but profound system was made accessible through staged input and practice. I have been supported, enabled and encouraged at every stage and I am really interested to put this work into practice with further mentoring along the way. Jonathan is insightful and intuitive, with the depth of experience needed to steady trainees, to guide and support. His commitment to keeping things simple makes his work highly accessible. His patience, sense of humour and evident expertise makes feedback hugely useful and desirable. Jonathan sets everything up to enable success. I have thorough enjoyed learning from him and will continue to make the most of his expertise as I develop this tool in my own life and practice. It is exciting to be part of this work in its earliest stages: I look forward to its development with great interest. Thank you Jonathan!


Libby Mcgreggor

I was fortunate enough to be part of Jonathan Shaw's on line DTO course.  It was a very helpful and informative course and Jonathan is an engaging and interesting speaker who is very knowledgeable.  I found the material and Power Point presentation easy to understand as it had step by step instructions to follow and I was able to get my questions answered either during live sessions or after each event.

I am not a particularly computer literate person but again I found the information was easy to access and readily available on line after the training sessions so I could go back and re-cap the sessions at my leisure to consolidate my learning.  

I have experienced DTO therapy myself with Jonathan and have found it extremely helpful, an invaluable resource for me on my ongoing journey.  I am also very grateful that I have been able to learn some of the techniques so I can further help myself and also clients I work with in my therapy practice. 

I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to either add tools to their tool box or who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Thank you Jonathan



Johanna Hansen 

I am going to keep this simple. DTO works.

To give you one little personal example: I had a phobia of sharks so bad that even a kids t shirt with a cartoon shark would terrify me. Last week on my birthday I walked through a shark tunnel at an aquarium and I enjoyed it! I did not even work on this with Jonathan - I used DTO as I was taught. Enjoy the process...

The only negative side effect: you might get a bit angry that you have had bad emotions for a while when really there was no reason! But thats okay. You can switch that thought off using DTO

Libby Mccgreggor
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