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Poly arthritis


Claire Thomas

I am a woman in my early forties and have suffered with arthritis in my big toe for about 8 years.  The doctor recommended I see a podiatrist but all they gave me were orthotics to keep my foot leaning over to one side.  I didn’t have full movement in my toe, so high heeled shoes were a big no for me which I was upset about as I am not very tall and enjoy dressing in a feminine way.  I decided to see an orthopaedic surgeon; he said I could have a steroid injection which would be done under general anaesthetic and I would be able to go back to work within 24 hours.  Other than that he said I could have my foot fused.  That was a definite no!  A joint replacement was not an option for me as I was too young and to be honest, all these suggestions scared me.  So I went for the injection.  The pain the following day was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I was crying in agony and could not walk for six weeks; I had had an allergic reaction.  I am a hairdresser so of course I couldn’t work.  My foot was very swollen and I was in pain for a few months.  In the end I thought I would just have to put up with the pain.  


I had heard a little about EFT through my clients and I was very interested in the way it works – no needles!!  It got to the point in my life when I couldn’t even walk around the shops for too long.  I rang Jonathan and thought what have I got to lose!  Straight away I felt at ease.  We talked; it was a bit like a therapy session.  I thought, this man is going to get me better and if I’m not honest with him he can’t help me.  Through the session all I was thinking was just massage my foot to relieve the pain, but this never happened.  After the session I was asked to walk up and down and Jonathan asked how much pain I was in.  I just looked at him and said, “Hardly any!”  


There was no way this was mind over matter; I can’t put into words how much this lifted my mood.  I went straight back to work, walking up and down the salon, enjoying being out of pain.  It took four sessions to cure me.  It was also such a comfort to ring or text Jonathan about my sessions whenever I needed to.  I have now re-joined the gym and I am doing all the things I used to do when I was in my thirties!  I realise reading this it sounds absolutely bizarre but I am speaking from the heart when I say this.  Thank you so much Jonathan, you have given me my life back.


Rosemary Redfern 

I have/had poly arthritis.  This meant I had swellings and pain all over my body.  It made me feel disabled mentally and physically at times.  Pain is debilitating and undignified and makes living normally very difficult.


Before working with anyone with something so personal there are always anxieties but Jonathan is easy to talk to and understands the most bizarre reactions to the world.  His openness to the ideas of others is refreshing and I felt it was safe to talk to him.  There has to be a niggling doubt that to rid the body of pain is possible but hope that the pain could be removed overrode any fears.


I read his book and he expressed far more clearly than I could exactly what I felt about the medical profession.  It is impossible to treat emotional issues as if they were mechanical.  Doctors are excellent at what they do but it takes someone with insight, flexibility and the ability to think outside the box to solve emotional issues.  Jonathan has these qualities and is able to work with people in a free and open way to solve, sometimes long held, unconscious beliefs.


I have been free of real pain for nearly a week.  I still have to be careful with what I eat but I believe that will fade with time.  The first day I was completely free of pain made me realise I had forgotten what it felt like because pain was always there.  The relief is enormous.  For the possibility that that might happen it is worth working with Jonathan.


I am very grateful for someone who is so good at solving deep rooted issues and clearing them out of my system.  I feel I am free and can go back to being a creative person living a normal life without pain.  Jonathan is a gift to the world of those who are stuck in patterns which create pain and discomfort.  I have no idea how he does it but it is worth going along with what he asks because it is safe method of healing and the results are amazing.

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