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Michelle tucker


Michelle Tucker 

I started to suffer from anxiety after a series of stressful events, it was hard to pin point exactly what had triggered it, but it had worried me enough to call the doctor and talk about medication to help alleviate it. I was prescribed anti- depressants and really was in two minds about taking them.  I wasn’t depressed by any means; I just couldn’t shake this horrible anxious feeling that was showing its face each day. I was worried about taking the tablets as although I had taken them in the past and they had been effective and helped to take the edge of things when things in my life were very bad, I didn’t want to take them just because of a few stressful things had accumulated.  There are always stressful things in life and didn’t want to feel that I had to take this route.


As a precaution, I took them mainly because I was scared of the anxiety spiralling.  I wasn’t told that before they work the side effects if you have anxiety is that for a week or two you could feel worse.  And I did feel worse, within days I didn’t want to face anyone, go out, eat, sleep and lost a ton of weight.  I felt terrible.


My family were very worried about me as it was very out of character to behave like this. Luckily for me, my mother in law had been to see Jonathan and rated him highly. She asked if I would be willing to see him, and that he specialises in depression and anxiety.  I had no reservations.  I am very open to alternative therapies and know that they can be very effective.  I also felt so bad I would have tried anything.


On my first appointment, I was in a terrible state.  I felt terrible and was very tearful.  Jonathan calmed me down a lot.  He reassured me that I was not having a nervous breakdown as that is what I was thinking, and reassured me that I would get better.  He also used EFT and QE. We talked about different situations that may have triggered the anxiety and helped me release the emotions that were connected with them. It was remarkable how I felt when I left; I felt very relaxed and seemed to be in a bit of a trance for a while.  I booked another session and Jonathan assured me that he was just at the end of the phone if I needed him in-between appointments.


I did, in fact, have to call him in that first week and he was very helpful.  I saw Jonathan 3 more times and each session was very productive.  We needed to do some work on a traumatic event that had happened in my life that a lot of my stress had stemmed from.


It is now about 6 weeks since I last saw Jonathan and can say that I do feel back to my normal self.  Jonathan’s help was invaluable to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to see him in the future if needed.  I also wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to my friends.  


Ryan Shellard

Before I was very anxious about everything socially, everything harmless seemed to scare me.

Before seeing Jonathan I was afraid nothing would come of it and that nothing would change.


Since seeing Jonathan I have become a lot more confident in myself and what I can do, and I have been out in situations I would never have gone into before.


I can feel happy in environments that I would before be very uncomfortable in.

I feel a lot better within myself and can do a lot more than I felt I could before, I can go out and enjoy myself now without feeling anxious or worried about things you shouldn't worry about. 


Grace Langan 

I have been suffering from anxiety and mild depression for several years, being a particularly stubborn person I refused help from friends and family and would not consider medication as an option. I kept getting worse until some days I was unable to leave the house and was having daily panic attacks. I was lucky enough to already know Jonathan and so when I broke down in town and was unable to even walk home because of my crippling anxiety I called Jon and he was able to treat me over the phone until he could see me for a session. 

I have been having regular sessions since then and can honestly say it has changed my life, getting rid of my depression, improving my anxiety, helping with my self-esteem and general well being. For somebody who saw any kind of therapy as pointless, I am very happy to be proved wrong. I can never thank Jonathan enough.


Sandra Harnor 

I give grateful thanks for being recommended to Jonathan, I was all over the place having seen many therapists to ease my anxiety & depression, through Jonathan's skill I was able to return to employment and now have started my own business.

Jonathan has never given up, he has given me tools to use to move my self forward & deal with situations.

Recently after a fall my right shoulder was injured & resulted in a frozen shoulder, with treatment from Jonathan's skilful hands and exercises at home the shoulder is almost free, wonderful.

I will continue to recommend Jonathan  to people with pain, he has great knowledge to ease people's minds & skill in his hands to work successfully with injuries to the body,


Wish you all success Jonathan.


Andy Nathan 

I was looking for a way to manage my feelings of being fed up with anxiety in specific situations


My only concern working with Jonathan was totally price based. It’s a lot of money to invest in someone I don’t know just on a recommendation.


However, as someone who is working towards being self-employed, I understand keenly the real value in trusting in professionals to be able to help facilitate transformation.  And I just took that leap of faith.

And I can promise you there’s not one second that goes by that makes me grateful to have Jonathan in my life even though we have finished the sessions.


I now have tools that I regularly use to manage challenges and I don’t have any anxiety now. Like, none. At all.  


I believe I have much improved overall self-confidence due to using DTO regularly for 3 months.  


I have overcome some pretty specific blocks and as a result, am significantly more chilled out when confronted with challenging situations.


I overcome adversity quickly - and have bouncebackability that I’ve never had before.


Jonathan’s support to me as a man has been transformative.  


Men - book your sessions with Jonathan.


I feel like I’m moving on with my life full of self-belief as a man who has stepped into his own power.  Empowered and content.



Charles Egleton

I had got myself in a state of panic and worry, which i couldn’t see a way out of. I was not sleeping, the situation was dangerously spiralling out of control and affecting people around me. 

As i was losing control of my thoughts, I was not able to concentrate on my work, which created more panic.

I had no worries about working with Jonathan and am glad i made the decision. I understood that i needed help with controlling my irrational thoughts and getting my life back on track. Jonathan was highly recommended and i made the right decision.

I made contact with Jonathan, I have had four sessions which taught me the techniques to clear my shame and anxiety to help me feel better. Using these techniques, I was able to get better and stop irrational thinking. 

I can say that i am now fully recovered and have overcome the bad period i had. 

I feel fully recovered and am able to get on with my life. I must say that this was not the first period of anxiety which i have suffered from. For me it starts with a trigger which sets of worry which quickly spirals out of control. Now that I have had the sessions with Jonathan and practised the techniques, I feel much better equipped if i am in that situation again. The DTO techniques i learned with Jonathan will help me to tackle any issue i face going forward.


Anxiety & Overwhelm 

Paolo Morena

Before I started working with Jonathan, I felt overwhelmed by the challenges I faced, even the smallest of things would ware me down. I have tried numerous professional therapies to help me with my anxiety but nothing seemed to deal with the problem at its root core. After a particularly stressful week with my partner I was at a completely loose end and it felt crushing. 

Within the few months I have been working with Jonathan I have been able to focus my attention to some key issues in my past and understand how they have come to bare on my future, mentally, emotionally and physically. With Jonathans guidance he has taught me how to use DTO to put a brake on the negative emotions and quickly turn any situation around. Slowly but surely I am beginning to take back control of my life and that in turn has brought about fantastic changes in all aspects of my life.

Ryan shellard
Grace Langan
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