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Elbow & Wrist Pain

Gillian Anderson
Michael addison


Gillian Anderson

My problem was with my elbow.  I had pain in there which was aggravated even by simple tasks such as getting my boys dressed or picking up a cup of coffee.  I had tried all sorts but to no avail.  I’d had this problem for about six months and thought the more I ignored it the sooner it would go away, but the more I put it off the more pain I was in and it affected my everyday tasks.


I had talked to Jonathan about it and he said he could do something called tapping.  As much as I believe in holistic therapies, I thought this was taking it a bit too far!  In the end, however, the pain was so bad and it was hindering me so much that I let him do the tapping on me.  It took one session of Jonathan tapping and as much as I disbelieved it, I have to admit that it worked!  After the session I could pick up the coffee cup without much pain in my elbow.


That was about a year ago and so far I have not had any trouble with it.  I will definitely have it done again if the need arises.


Brian Hutchins 

I had been experiencing a throbbing pain in my right arm and elbow which had been there for around a month, ever since I went to the osteopath for some massage on my stiff neck.  Also, I had an ache in my right shoulder. 


Jonathan told me that the ache in my shoulder was caused by an injustice (something that had happened that I thought was unfair). By asking questions he found that it was related to my best man who had told me a year ago that he had prostate cancer.  Although I was not aware of it, that was causing the pain in my shoulder and the pain in my right elbow was me trying to elbow it out of my life, with no success. 


My best man and I had been friends for over 50 years and had been in tenpin bowling leagues for many of those years.  My bowling had been suffering for some time but I had put that down to other things.  After two sessions with Jonathan my pains gradually disappeared and my tenpin bowling improved over night.  I was amazed and couldn't believe how my brain could have been harbouring these feelings for over a year without me being aware of it. 


I owe so much to Jonathan and can't explain how much the lightening of the load on me means.  Anyone with a pain problem should make good use of his ability and training as he can do them so much good. 


Thanks Jonathan


Michael Addison 

Jonathan Shaw is a caring soul who will support and empower you to heal yourself and I highly recommend his services. Jonathan helped me to heal the tennis elbow that I had been experiencing for the past 6 months.


At it's most painful, gripping with my hand, extending my wrist and flexing my elbow caused immense pain and this made every day activities like holding a bottle of water, carrying shopping bags and lifting a kettle a real challenge, it also stopped me from being able to exercise at high intensity.


This had a negative effect on me mentally as well as physically, I became obsessed with mobilising and releasing the muscles and connective tissue in my arm, shoulder and upper back, and although the treatments that I used to heal lessened the pain for a time it returned and was on occasion even more painful. I had chiropractic treatment, Physiotherapy, and used numerous creams and ointments.


Jonathan has used a combination of body work and energy clearing and balancing techniques to encourage my body and mind to heal. This powerful combo has healed my elbow and cleared the associated depression.

Golfers Elbow
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