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Headaches & Migraines

Sammi Cuff
Cluster Headaches


Sammi Cuff 

Before I starting working with Jonathan, I suffered with regular headaches as well as pain in my back.  At first I was unsure as to whether Jonathan could stop my headaches as I have tried lots before.  However, since going to see Jonathan, my headaches have stopped and the pain in my back has ended too.  This was due to various sessions in which I now feel significantly better. I have a clear head and I do not need to worry about my back pain during my day-to-day life.  Thank you Jonathan


Laura Sly

I had been in severe pain, daily, for a number of months with a migraine-like condition called Cluster Headache.  The cycle was coming to an end, but I was still having mild pain (they usually go out with a “bang” after about three months, so this was unusual for me).  I had experienced pain from Cluster Headache for about 25 years – with 6 to 12 week cycles happening during many of those years.  The pain often struck suddenly and severely whilst asleep, so on top of the pain and frustration, I hadn’t slept for more than a few hours most nights for about five months.  I was taking a number of supplements which I had learnt had some impact, and had not used anything prescribed to me for a number of years because it just didn’t work.


I already knew about meta health/meta medicine, as I had studied it at a basic level myself and knew that it had great results for people who had tried many other “treatments” without having had any good or lasting results.  I was also very keen to stop attempting to manage or treat it, but to get to the root cause(s) and eliminate the cycles altogether.  Jonathan’s name had been mentioned to me by an acquaintance locally some time before – so when I was ready I knew where to find him.  She had seen her illness in a completely new way and recommended him.


I had some financial concerns because I was self-employed and had to turn down work earlier in the year because of the pain I was in, and the resulting exhaustion.  However, I had a “now or never” feeling about tackling the problem because I had just had enough – and when I thought of the cost of lost income, medication and supplements (and more I’m sure!) over the last 25 years it seemed a bit stupid to suddenly feel my mental and physical health wasn’t worth spending money on!  And I believe Jonathan’s prices are more than fair for his expertise and effort.  He is determined to get people better than “back on track”.


I rarely have any pain in my eye, temple or shoulder now – and if I do, it is very mild – I would call it “shadowy” and is less than 1% of the intensity I had learnt to withstand.  I am able to drink alcohol and be around strong smells now without it triggering an attack – and I sleep!


I feel relieved to have persevered with getting to the root cause(s) of the pain.  For me it is something about getting to a stage in my life where “putting up” with stuff and just accepting it as my fate, is no longer good enough for me.  Whilst, in all honesty, it is possible that another cycle could kick in at some stage in the future, the feeling that I will know what has caused it, and know what to do about it to nip it in the bud, is life-changing because I feel like I am in control of it, rather than it being in control of me, for the first time ever.  Feeling like a victim is never a strong standpoint!  Because Jonathan’s technique requires a readiness to let go of trapped emotions and beliefs, I feel lighter in every way since working with him.  I can see new ways of responding to life that will add to my happiness and have a positive impact on my health beyond the issue I went to get sorted out!




18 months ago I had 2 falls from my pony in quick succession which left me with a chronic headache everyday since.  Visits to Doctors, Neurologists, Pain Specialists, Holistic Therapists, 3 MRI’s, Occipital nerve blocking still couldn’t pin point what was causing this constant headache which left me struggling with school, socialising with friends and continuing with my hobby and passion of horse riding.  I felt desperate and began to feel no-one was going to help me feel ‘me’ again.

We contacted Jonathan as a family friend recommended him, on my first visit and assessment Jonathan found 3 trapped nerves, one in my neck and one in each shoulder.  I felt better after my first visit and well enough to sit a GCSE exam which I was going to withdraw from only the week before.
After my first 4 sessions my headache had reduced by 40% and now after 8 sessions I’m nearly pain free and back to “me” again.
I now know that stress triggers my head pain but with Jonathan’s help we are keeping it in check and keeping the nerves un-trapped with the body work treatments as well as the tapping.

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