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Ankle & Foot Pain 

Leann Minor
Paula Cornwall
Mellisa Harris


Leann Miner 

While walking home from the park one evening, I stepped into a hole and twisted my left ankle very hard and fell to the ground. I was not able to get up from the ground without help and I could not walk on it.  A friend had to carry me to the flat and then I had to scoot backwards up three flights of stairs.  I elevated it all night and iced it as recommended.  The next day I called Jonathan who came to assess it.  He said it was badly damaged, but probably not broken.  I was still unable to put any pressure on it and it was excruciating to move it at all.  Jonathan wrapped it in a better bandage and then we worked to find the conflict and release the emotional trauma.  Within 40 minutes I was able to move it, and place it on the floor with slight pressure.  After another 30 minutes I was able to walk with help and only had moderate pain.  The next day we did two more treatments and by the end of them I was able to walk, balance and put my whole weight on it.  I was AMAZED!!  When I was a teen I had done the same thing and ended up on crutches for three weeks, I thought I was going to have to do that again but with Jonathan's technique I was 95% better within 48 hours.  I am now a true believer that when you get to the root of the problem and release the trapped energy you can and will heal miraculously!! 


I highly recommend that if you or someone you know is in pain or suffering with a debilitating disease that you see Jonathan, you too just might witness a miracle.  Thank you Jonathan for being such an awesome therapist!


Carole Tucker 

I was in constant physical pain with my foot resulting from a fall from a doorstep in the ice.  I had believed it to be twisted and it had appeared to improve with no bruising or swelling so I was reluctant to visit a GP as I didn’t want painkillers.  A very minor slip when ice skating had me sobbing with the pain so clearly all was not well.


I was afraid of going through pointless treatment as I had before with osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and my GP’s advice that almost everything was caused by my age and arthritis.


I decided to give Jonathan a go as I had heard amazing reviews of his work from my skating coach and also friends.  Strangely, no-one mentioned his methods!


After much very painful massage on my ankle when Jonathan found an unresolved break to a small bone, he then seemed to tap into my emotions and managed to help me release feelings of sadness within me which I thought were just a part of me and something I would live with for the rest of my life.  He showed me ways to resolve issues on my own which has helped me in so many ways.  Life is never straight forward and being a long hard thinker, it is very easy for me to gather together so many negative emotions which, with Jonathan’s help, I can now “let go”.


I still think twice about contacting Jonathan with injuries but rap myself on the knuckles and remind myself of how simple it is for him to work out why we are hurting and how to help us.


My ankle hasn’t hurt since treatment and further injuries have also been relieved.  Emotionally, I feel much less vulnerable and far more able to cope with negative feelings which come along with normal day to day life.


I feel lighter though I think I may always be a “work in progress”.  At least now I know how light I can feel.  Physically, I feel so relieved that I don’t have to accept a GP’s prognosis of arthritis without his even examining me. I know now that there is another way forward and my life need not be full of discomfort.


Paula Cornwell 

I met Jonathan when I started ice skating. From the moment I met him I felt a certain connection. He is very easy to get to know and non judgemental. Others who know Jonathan well had told me how amazing he was.


Jonathan caught me hanging over the barrier at the ice rink wiggling my ankle and muttering in frustration. I had injured it some 18 years previously when I fell down the stairs. At the time I didn’t break any bones, but stretched the ligaments and although the leg was ok I knew that it was weaker. By being asked to skate on my ‘bad leg’ only, it had brought the old injury and my fears to the fore. I felt it was limiting my progress and asked Jonathan for help. I had had hours of physiotherapy, acupuncture and x rays and loads of exercises in the intervening years. I’d had knee paid, groin pain and hours of frustration.


From the very first session, Jonathan identified that the foot concerned was pointing outwards and that its disalignment was having a knock on effect on the whole right side of my body. It explained all the other pain, and he manipulated it, gave me some proper exercises and taught me to walk again. Within three sessions my gait was back to normal, my ankle was so much stronger and I was amazed at so much progress in so little time.  You’re going to ask is there a ‘but’? Well yes there was, and it was me. I had grown so used to not being able to rely on this ankle that even though it was stronger, my self limiting beliefs about it were again limiting my progress. Jonathan saw me on the ice and he cleared all these negative thoughts. It was truly an amazing experience, to stand on the ice and know that I could do it. He gave me a technique to continue and I use it every time I’m asked to do the next difficult thing on the ice. I now have oodles of confidence, really enjoy my skating, and with this increased mobility can truly say I have a better quality of life. And yes, I use it in other situations too.


Jonathan and his techniques are amazing, and I know that he can help in many ways that I genuinely didn’t fully understand (I now do having red his marvellous book). All I know is that it works. He knows intuitively where and how to work to heal and in a way that is so beautiful. I would recommend him to you without reservation. He truly is a miracle.


Melissa Harris

I have suffered with painful, discoloured toes on one foot for nearly two years gradually getting worse in this time, I was at first told I had raynards then sent to a consultant as symptoms started to worsen and was told I had crps ,at this point I felt devastated for my future as I was told by doctors there was no treatment/cure and the likely hood of an operation on my spine in the near future to stop it spreading would be high.  I was in lots of pain daily & unable to put shoes on, unable to take my son to his football match, there were days I could not drive, I gave up taking my children to the woods [our usual Sunday family time], sleep was none existent due to pain and my mind set was not full of happy faults , I was extremely scared for my future as a 33yr old mum with 3 children this outcome was not one i wanted.


Jonathan came highly recommended to me, but I still had doubts i did not think any one could help relive my pain, after all the 'professionals' did tell me it was incurable, I was worried incase anything jonathan done would make it worse, when Jonathan told me the process we were going to be doing over the coming weeks I didn't quite believe he could cure this black cloud following me but I was desperate to try anything recommended to me.


How wrong was I!  


In only two sessions I noticed the colouring of my toe coming back to a normal colour and the pain felt less aggravated, I felt a lot less tense and was sleeping better.A few more sessions in I actually forgot I even had a problem I was wearing shoes I used to wear , I was back doing my normal activities, I even booked a family activity holiday and successfully enjoyed it with no flare up.

I was very surprised how quick the problem had been solved I was expecting to be with jonathan for months.


Not only has the problem disappeared my mind set has changed and I have a positive feeling on life , Jonathan has shown me anything is curable and possible. 

I would highly recommend Jonathan and urge anyone thinking of visiting jonathan to take a chance and give him ago you will be amazed at what results he can achieve ,if I hadn't taken that chance I would still be in pain if not a lot worse.


Sheila Nelson 

I went over on my ankle.. Doctors /hospital said I broke my toe or  badly sprained my ankle!!!  I was hobbling about for 6 weeks when my sister said she had made me an appointment with a miracle guy . I came down from Yorkshire to see Jonathan shaw ..he checked my foot an ankle and said I had bone out of place. With very little pain Jonathan put the bone back for me was couple weeks before it was 100%.. couple years later the bone came out of place again.I went doctors/hospital  this time they told me it was old age and I would have to live with it .. So I rang Jonathan he said come on down I'll check it out for you ..this time he had to put two bones back in place .. Jonathan showed me some exercise to do . I have to work hard at exercising but at least I can walk probably again . Thanks to Jonathan ( miracle man ) just go to show you do not have be in pain go see Jonathan

Colorful Bubbles


Chris Norfolk 

After my daughter damaged both ankles due to the amount sport she was doing in constant pain for over 4 weeks could not run or participate in her other activities went to doctors they where no good said will send her to a physiotherapist  then John Shaw was recommended booked appointment first session nearly all the pain had gone few more sessions and my daughter is now back to normal

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