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Leg And Glute Pain


Hannah Leary 

Before I came to see Jonathan, I had great pain in my right glute which resulted in problems when walking, running, stretching and bending over when picking things off the floor. Because of the sensitive nature of where the injury was I was hesitant to get help from anyone, but received a  recommendation to see Jonathan as he respects personal boundaries and allows you to keep your modesty whilst still giving an effective treatment. Jonathan diagnosed my problem as two pulled hamstrings and tendon which resulted in pain, he was great at explaining the problem to me so I could understand the complexity behind my problem. He managed to sort my injury out within 3 sessions and I am now able to return back to running, streching and being the active person I once was.  I am very thankful to Jonathan for sorting my problem out, quickly and efficiently. 

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Shooting Pains In Leg 

Lucy Selkirk

When I first started working with Jonathan I was waking up in the night with shooting pains up my legs. I’d had bad back for years but this was relatively new and was horrible. I wasn’t getting a proper night’s sleep and it was getting me down. Every month I was going to the osteopath but there seemed to be new things cropping up, pains in my shoulders and occasionally in my arms.

I was a bit sceptical about seeing Jonathan as his approach seemed a bit strange, but I found our conversation on the phone before I’d made any commitment really helpful and reassuring so decided to give it a go. In addition Jonathan’s guarantee of refunding half my money if I didn’t see a 50% (can’t remember the %) improvement made if feel like less of a gamble.

The first time I met Jonathan face to face he noticed that I sit with my feet in a funny position that put a strain up my calves, thighs and into my hips. I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it. Jonathan was the only medical person to notice this. He demonstrated it to me and said it hurt him just doing it for a few seconds. His advice was to stop doing it!! No joke I did stop doing it every time I caught myself doing it, I put a post it on my desk to remind me and that night I didn’t wake up with pain, the impact was immediate! I couldn’t believe it and was so happy.

Jonathan diagnosed me with tight ham-strings and IT bands because of years of sitting like this and not stretching enough. I do my stretches nearly every day, I’m still trying to get into the habit of doing them all morning and evening. Since working with Jonathan I’ve not been back to the osteopath, the shooting pain in my legs has gone and my flexibility has improved. I still need to work on my flexibility and want to do more on my IT bands as they are still tender but it takes time to stretch after having them tight for so long and not addressing it. I’ve had no pain from my back and am learning to trust it more i.e. bending and reaching won’t hurt my back so I can do it. I’m more conscious of how I sit at my desk and try to notice if I’ve been lifting my shoulders which was part of the problem with my upper back being tight leading to the pain in my shoulders. Jonathan’s take on this is you’re doing something to cause it so if you can work out what it is you can address it.


I feel great! I don’t feel like I’m defined by or limited by my back problems any more. Thank you Jonathan for looking at me as a whole, moving person, nobody else had done that!!

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