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Jannette leclerc law 

My name is Janette and I am in repair from an unusual auto-immune condition called MCTD, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  It is part of the Lupus family and by the time I met Jonathan it had totally shut down most of my body.  Most days I was unable to get up from my bed, I was in so much pain, and I mean pain, some days I felt I could no longer bear it.  It also had many what I call umbrella issues, by this I mean the myriad of other conditions that accompanied my illness.  These would range from circulation problems to holes in my skin and swelling in most of my joints from the oedema that was part and parcel of my arthritis, to a very painful condition called Fibromyalgia which meant most nights I was unable to sleep for more than 20 to 30 minutes despite laying on a pressure mattress which would make me a tearful and miserable companion for anyone let alone my poor husband who had given up his career to become my carer.  I had also been placed on a cocktail of medication which brought with them their own side effects to add to the recipe that was now my blood.  I could list more but my work here is not to bore the reader to sleep but to shed light on the amazing work of a very dedicated young man called Jonathan Shaw.  


I first heard about Jonathan when my husband came rushing home having been recommended him and pushing a piece of paper into my hand he urged me to ring him.  I on the other hand was not so keen, by this time I had been ill for over 25 years and had tried so many complementary therapies.  I had read so many self help books I feared I had wiped out an entire rainforest all by myself.  So I am sure you can understand I was not thrilled at the thought of treatment with someone else.  However, I was also running out of ideas myself but something just kept pushing me not to give up.  I rang and made an appointment with Jonathan and thought that I would have one last try.  I still thank God/creator/all there is for that day.  A new journey had begun.  I need to mention here that I was very nervous about working with a man as I came from a background of severe abuse and found it very hard to trust men let alone consider working so closely with one.  I did have a real fear of the usual ‘therapy’ after hours spent going over painful events that I would rather forget.  I had tried all that for many years to no avail.  So I tried to keep an open mind and reserve judgement.  I think it was about a week later that I spoke to Jonathan for my opening consultation and he put all my fears to rest.  Despite my initial hesitation I found myself connecting with him and gradually I came to trust him so much that today I am pleased to call him a friend.  


I am 50 years of age and can honestly say I have rarely met anyone with so much compassion.  He also has the patience of a saint, always having time to explain his methods to me and help me to understand his totally different approach to the issues I was facing.  I am the first to admit that despite thinking of myself as aware and open minded, I found I had many fixed ideas and beliefs about pain that Jonathan patiently helped me to shift.  It was almost like I was an onion and we were peeling back the layers.  He also introduced me to complementary books that further supported the repair work we were doing.  I was really impressed by this, most healers and practitioners I had met would only practice their theology and this was a stumbling block for me.  Having the cocktail of illness I had I needed a more rounded approach and I certainly received that from Jonathan.  We have had many an interesting discussion during our work together and I am happy to report that he also has a wonderful sense of humour that balances out the seriousness of some of the subjects that I had to cover and helped with any fear I had initially had about working with a man.  Within a few weeks I started to notice a change in my Fibro which had begun to be so painful I could hardly bear to be touched.  I remember waking up one morning with such elation I could not help but call out to Craig (my husband) in such an excited manner he thought I had lost the plot.  I was so happy, for the first time in years I felt relief from pain.  I cried.  I rushed to the telephone to call Jonathan who of course was not surprised at all.  He knew his system worked, it was me who had been in doubt.  I was filled with renewed hope which lasts to this day.  I now no longer take steroids to control the flares in my condition, which is a wonderful thing in itself.  Anyone who has taken steroids on a long term basis will attest to the horrid side effects.  I have halved my medication and feel so much better for it.  I have lost weight which is a wonderful relief on my joints and my skin.  I am able to eat small meals again having long since lost my appetite.  Even I found it hard to believe that I was eating more and yet I was losing weight.  I began to slowly but surely get out of bed and start to move around.  Slowly my life was coming back.  I had found the light at the end of my tunnel.  My consciousness had made a real shift, I had started to see my body and its pain in a very different way.  My doctors were amazed and could not explain the change, I tried to explain but they were not ready to hear the different beliefs that Jonathan had taught me.  I know the day will come when I can walk in and say ‘all my pain is gone, I’m better’ and hopefully then I can make them listen.  Today I am still peeling back the layers and I am but a pickled onion.  From a big fat Spanish onion to a small silver pickled onion who has found her way out of the jar.  


Jonathan and I continue our work and so I urge anyone who is suffering in pain, please listen to this delightful young man and try his new regime, it works.  I know.  Change your way of thinking and Jonathan will help you change your life.  Decode your pain and find your happy once again.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome 

Libby Steggles Ginn 

 I’d been suffering from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome in my left arm for 17 years which had improved from me having a spinal cord stimulator fitted but I was limited in what I could do.  I couldn’t do certain things like going on the trampoline with my kids, horse riding, wear my wedding ring on my left hand or use a fork with left hand, I could only hold one of my children’s hand with my good hand.  I couldn’t even wear certain clothes that were made of certain materials as they set the pain off.


I’d accepted that I would always be in pain as I’d tried lots of different techniques to help my pain get better which hadn’t worked and so just got on with my life quite happily.  In December last year I suddenly got excruciating back pain which travelled all the way down my right leg.  It was numb in some points with pins and needles in my foot and yet a severe burning pain all at the same time.  I had to walk with a stick as I couldn’t put my weight on to my foot.


I was given all the usual medication and pain killers but thankfully because I’d been there before I fought being drawn back into the world of pain!


Jonathan had been recommended to me in the past and so I decided to contact him.  Jonathan immediately made the connection with my back and arm and said that it all stemmed from the arm pain.  Although I was desperate to get rid of my chronic pain in my back, I was nervous about tackling the arm pain as it had been with me for so long I didn’t quite know what I’d have to do for it to go if it went at all!


As soon as I met Jonathan everything he said made sense and the rapport and trust began to grow.  I completely put myself in his hands.


I travelled all the way down to Southend from Leeds so Jonathan could see exactly what was wrong with me and I walked in to see him with my stick and walked out from seeing him without my stick.  I wasn’t cured by any means but that one appointment had made a difference.


My sciatic back pain has now gone and my arm that I couldn’t straighten is now nearly straight.  I can swim with two arms instead of one and am wearing my wedding ring on my left finger and can use my knife and fork.


I will never forget the look on my children’s faces when I took hold of both my son and daughter’s hand at the same time as in the past they had to take it in turns to hold my good hand.  Priceless!


My life is now more of an exciting adventure, I have so much more to look forward to even though I’ve always been a positive person and was happy with what I had, it’s so exciting knowing that when we go away on holiday I can join in with my family instead of watching on the side-line.


Jonathan is a very genuine person who cares very much about what he does and his clients.  I have felt very confident and supported with Jonathan’s guidance and can’t thank him enough for his help.



By the time I came to Jonathan, I had been suffering from many different symptoms for a few years, which ranged from chronic insomnia, unrelenting fatigue and feeling of exhaustion which was described by some doctors as ME, CFS, or an advanced stage of adrenal fatigue, as well as pains that were described by some doctors as fibromyalgia. 


I had tried everything, only to wonder if the doctors were right- that there is no cure and some suggested I might consider going on disability. It was a very, very dark time of my life.


I remember crying once in the doctor's office, saying that I was no longer "me" anymore- I was just "me sick" and there was no other me. The illness defined who I was, and there was nothing else left. I couldn't remember how it felt being healthy, or normal. I was in bed most of the time, some days better than others but more and more I was bed-bound.


The more I researched about what could be making me ill, the less I understood about the possible causes - I became extremely knowledgeable about fibromyalgia and ME/CFS, but I became less and less certain about the possibility of recovery. During this time, I found EFT, which was very helpful in alleviating some of the pain, and in looking for EFT practitioners I found Jonathan's website by chance. While the website was impressive, it was only when I spoke to Jonathan himself that I was convinced that he could help- he was so confident about his method and seemed to have a great deal of experience in helping people that conventional doctors had given up on. I was truly impressed. He zoomed in on the exact trigger events that would have caused my symptoms, and from there, he effortlessly and compassionately took me through to the point where he identified the cause, gave very logical explanations that I could fully understand and relate to. 


The most striking example of his amazing work was when I came to him last April when I had been bedridden for over two months, unable to go to work because I was so ill. In one quick session, he analysed the cause of my fatigue, and his explanations made such sense. And that moment, I knew he was right, and that I would be better. Within weeks, I was a different person. My energy level was back to how it was before I got I'll, and somehow understanding so clearly the cause of the unrelenting fatigue which I had struggled to understand for months helped me to face it, and to be rid of it.


I told Jonathan that he looked like Jesus- he really did achieve a miracle and he literally gave me my life back. I went back to work full time, and to being a full-time mum as well for my two young boys. It's been 6 months and I haven't had a single relapse since then. What Jonathan offers is truly unique- but I believe in the science behind it 100%. It makes full sense against all the information I researches about the human brain/mind/body and he is worth every penny, especially if I think about all the money I spent on other things until I came across him. If you are hesitating about giving him a try, I suggest you have a first conversation with him- he is very honest and upfront about what he thinks he can help with and not, and is happy to share his body of knowledge and insights before he does any sessions which are already in itself worth a million dollars. He is truly unique and you won't find any other practitioner doing what he does. I am truly grateful for his work and cannot recommend him highly enough. 


Malchome Peters 

I had summer flu for a fortnight, but after the rest of the flu symptoms receded, I was left with the symptoms of complete exhaustion/ lack of energy which was eventually diagnosed as ‘post-viral fatigue syndrome’ which I was warned could evolve into long-term ME. Despite preciously being a highly active person, at times I was unable even to stand up, was off work for 2.5 months and spent long periods in bed or sitting in a chair;  the only help available from traditional medicine was ‘to continue resting and drink lots of water’. 


You were recommended through another ‘alternative therapy’ practioner who had provided v helpful assistance with our autistic son;  however, I was initially highly sceptical of whether what appeared initially to be ‘psycho-babble’ therapy could help with what appeared to me to be physiological symptoms;  also, as a vicar/ Christian, I was anxious about any spiritual/ ‘faith-healing’ aspects of the treatment that would conflict with my faith.


The strength of the recommendation, and frankly the desire to ‘give anything a go’ made me run with it to start with, but before the end of the initial 4 sessions, I had seen massive improvements and had become largely convinced by the underlying methodology of what you were doing.


My symptoms had largely gone within 2 months of first seeing you and I had returned to 90% of my previous energy levels. Since then (now 6 months ago) I have had 2 major relapses of symptoms which have required supplementary visits which then then re-cleared the symptoms;  I have several minor relapses of symptoms which I am usually able to resolve using the techniques you have taught me. 


While I am still slightly anxious about possible further relapses and remain ‘careful not to over-do things’ and trigger further relapses, I am now largely symptom-free which is a massive contrast to last summer:  I have my life back for which I am very grateful and have recommended you to a friend who has also found your treatment helpful.

Janette LeCler
Libby Steggles Ginn
Malchom peters
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