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Do you know whats really causing your pain. Part one.

Updated: May 6, 2018

The key to solving your pain is understanding whats causing it, as I explained in my last post, the cause of pain is greatly miss understood and I explained the difference between cause and symptoms, If you haven't seen that post go back and read it first before we move on, ( Don't worry I will wait ) .............Are you back? Great so lets continue.

Now I know you may have been given a diagnosis of whats causing your pain but if you remember from my last post, those are just a way to explain whats going on in the body.

So what is the actual cause of pain?

Im glad you asked :) in reality there are only 3 causes of pain, yes you read that correctly, there are only 3 causes of pain, so no matter what you have been told or been diagnosed with or label you have been given for your pain, I guarantee that unless its one of these 3 causes I'm going to explain then you are trying to solve the wrong problem.

It doesn't matter if you have been told you have arthritis or sciatic, or frozen shoulder or chronic fatigue, or whiplash, no matter what you have been told its not the cause.

How do I know this?

Good question, well I have been helping people solve their pain for 19 years and when I see someone who has been to many different therapists & specialists and gone round in circles trying to solve their pain but got no where, the way I solve their pain is by addressing one of the 3 causes or all of them in some cases.

So common Jon tell us what they are?

Ok Ok I'm getting there, Ive got to set the scene, ( I always wanted to be a detective like Columbo ) lol

So if we look at the diagram below we can see the reaction is the sensation you are experiencing like burning, numbness etc, the symptom is the trapped nerve, inflammation etc but what causes all of that is ( DRUMROLL....)

The 3 Causes Are

  1. Lack Of Flexibility

  2. Poor Posture

  3. Biological Stress

So when someone comes to me with pain, lets use the example of sciatic pain, and no one has been able to fix it, all I do is look at the above 3 cause and see how many of them are creating the nerve to trap.

It could be because of poor posture either standing or moving incorrectly, it could be because of poor flexibility in their lower back or hamstrings or it could be because of a biological stress which in the case of sciatica means they feel stuck with a particular territory in their life and cannot move forwards.

So now I would use all the tools and methods I have learnt to solve either one or all of those causes to restore the body back to health and stop the nerve from Re-trapping. Does that make sense?

I hope it does because I really want to help as many people solve their pain and get their life back, but to do that we need to change the way we think and view pain.

Let me give you an example, watch the video where I explain a case history of me using this principle of the 3 causes and how i solved their pain ( its easier and quicker to explain if I put it on a video than write it out ) Its only 9 minutes long but will explain it more clearly.

So now you have a brief understanding of the 3 causes of pain, but in the next 3 posts I'm going to break down each one, one at a time so you can really see whats causing your pain, why and how its affecting you and what you need to do to change it, so you can start your journey to becoming pain free.

Remember there is no need to be in pain, if you are still suffering in pain hang in their, there is hope and I know you can do it.

You just need to start thinking differently about your pain.

If you would like my help to solve your pain, feel free to contact me here

If you would like to know more a good place to start is my book, click here to find out more

Until Next Time

Stay Happy

Stay Healthy

& Keep Smiling

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