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Stacy Fletcher 

I have thought about this review for a long time and not sure where to start. What I can honestly say is that Jonathan has changed my life and I feel immense gratitude for having crossed his path. What I suffered with cannot be described as anywhere near chronic but I had a hard time being an entrepreneur and it left me stressed, lost and often unhappy. I feel that everyone has an area of life they feel like this about - relationships, money, business, work etc. and this is where Jonathan can drastically change your life by simply clearing your emotional blockages and teaching you coping mechanisms. If you suffer chronically then his intervention is an absolute must. However, even if you do not feel anything close to depression (like me) but you're unhappy or emotional why wait until these feelings get unmanageable? I have had 8 sessions with Jonathan and he has taught me more about myself than I thought possible. I have discovered deep routed thoughts that have clearly sabotaged key areas of my life. I have cleared those thoughts and emotions and now I feel I can take on anything. As a result of implementing his techniques, I am happy, peaceful and playful with my life. I no longer have limiting thoughts about myself and I feel this is the place where EVERYONE was born to be. You will not regret opening your mind to his teachings if you truly want to bring about positive change in your life. I will be recommending him to EVERYONE I know because I feel we can all benefit from this knowledge. Thank you Jonathan from the bottom of my heart. My life is an all round happier one because of you and I doubt anyone can put a price on that! Wishing you all the best!

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