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My 4 Step Process For Solving Chronic Pain Part 1

In this video I introduce my 4 step process for solving chronic pain and why its important to have a step by step process to follow instead of a method or technique.

Over my 20 years experience I have learnt that if you follow a system, a set of steps you can solve pain very easily 90% of the time even if everything else has failed and you have given up hope.

When I work with one to one clients this the exact process i take them through when they have tried everything and nothing else has worked this is the process I use to help them solve their pain.

Until next time Stay Healthy

Stay Happy And keep Smiling :)

Jonathan Shaw 

Founder of decoding pain 

Author Of the book decoding pain the emotional blueprint to healing chronic pain forever 

Creator Of the DTO System, that helps you get back to feeling Strong Confident Alive & Free.

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