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How To Solve Depression Without Counselling Or Taking Pills 

When your depressed you don't control your thoughts your thoughts control you 

Want To Feel Normal, In Control And Strong Again?

Listen I hated being depressed, It made me feel helpless out of control and like I was going mad. 

But what I hated even more was how it was ruining my life and destroying my relationships. 

I hated feeling alone because I thought no one could help me and being a man I had to deal with it myself. 

I felt that I should be able to deal with it myself.

The fact is most of the men suffering with depression think they should be able to solve it and deal with it themselves and because they cant they think no one else can either.



Depression Is Not Mental Or Emotional Its 


The reason you cannot solve your depression is not because you not a man or your going mad, its because your trying to solve it with logic and rational thought and that won't work because its not a logical response, its not even an emotional response, its biological 

If you continue to try and use your logic, you actually going to make it worse, you will end up going round & round in circles, getting more and more depressed, More and more confused and not understanding why?

You will end up feeling like a failure or less of a man because you cant control your thoughts, and you cant be the man you know you really are or want to be 

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After 10 years of helping people solve depression, Ive discovered the fastest way to literally switch it off so you never feel depressed again.

Read What My Clients Have To Say

I feel bloody great and my life has changed beyond recognition. I am once again confident and secure in my own beliefs and way I conduct my life. Whereas in the past this was only fleeting moments of me at my best, I am now able to ensure that I am this way everyday, all day and am therefore running at my optimum self. Woo Hoo. Thank you for being so brilliant at helping me get there! 

J Denan

It really is like magic and I would recommend Jonathan to everyone, in fact I do, regularly! I am blessed to have him as a friend and eternally grateful that he has opened my eyes to these wonderful techniques

M Langan 

The changes have been incredible! Everything has changed I feel lighter, more confident I trust my own decision making, the black rock in my chest has completely gone, the sky is bluer I can breathe! I make plans I have a future! I get on better with my sons. For the first time ever I am looking forward to Christmas this is huge! I enjoy meeting new people.Johnathan has given me, me, the person I’m meant to be and I can never thank him enough!

K Gadsby 

Jonathan is very compassionate, but he is also a strong believer in getting better.  It wasn’t long before I started to feel the old me resurfacing.  I will always be grateful to Jonathan for his genuine compassion and commitment, not only for helping me to understand myself better but also for literally deleting the demons in my head

C P Smith

After about 3 or 4 sessions I began living my life again. I would wake up and feel free, energetic, and happy even. I managed to start working again, I found myself enjoying things more, I felt more like myself with every session. The depression didn’t have control over me anymore

I feel so much happier; I find enjoyment in everything I used to love.

H Neal 

I went onto therapy in the early ’80s telling the therapist “I want to see the world with clear eyes and a clear heart”.  Jonathan’s work gave me that in the first session.


The results have been lifesaving and life-transforming.

E Pickering 

Jonathan has a very interesting method that has AMAZING results. I have seen a variety of therapists over the years (NLP, EFT, CBT, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy) and while they have all helped me on my journey, none have achieved long-lasting and what I feel to be such deep-seated resolution.

K McCarthy
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Remember Depression Is Not Emotional Or Logical, So You Cannot Solve It Using Logic Or Emotions 


Trying to work it out in your head will actually make it worse, and you will end up with even less understanding, and because you don't understand you think no one else will either 

Then sometimes you will feel an emotion like fear or panic but logically you know there's nothing to be frightened about, so again it doesn't make sense 

If you try and analyse your depression you will find that your thoughts don't make sense and are not logical 


If you have gone to counselling or CBT etc and its worked then thats awesome. YOU DON'T NEED MY HELP.

And you wouldn't be on this page reading this. 

However most of the time traditional methods like counselling & CBT just give you coping strategies.

Or you have to sit there and listen to the therapist ask you ( So how do you feel about that ) In that really annoying condescending tone that drives most people nuts. 

Head in Hands

And after talking about your problems for an hour you may feel better briefly but basically you have spent an hour churning it all up again. 

When All You Really Want To Do Is Forget About It And Get It Out Of Your Head. 



To Understand your depression is being triggered by people and things around you and you need to find those triggers 


Once you have found the triggers you need a simple but powerful way to switch them off so that the trigger has no effect on you 

Now maybe you know some of your triggers already or maybe you haven't got a clue.

And maybe you don't believe its possible to switch off your triggers so they no longer affect you.

Thats why I created

The Depression Blueprint. 

The Depression Blueprint is based on a brand new system I have been using with my client for the past 5 years, and getting incredible results,

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So what is the Depression Blueprint?

Good question, Im glad you asked :)

The Depression Blueprint is a 4 month program working with me personally where I find the triggers for your depression and we start switching off the trigger and all of the negative Thoughts,beliefs and emotions that are not working for you 

We will work together One to One once a week for 4 months 

Light bulb with human brain inside on da

I will show you exactly why your depressed and show you simple but powerful ways to gradually switch off your triggers day by day until you are back to feeling normal again, back to be being the strong confident man you were before 

All you have to do is click the button below and sign up for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULT, 

During the consult I will walk you through the program and see if you are right for the program.

You can ask any questions you may have and if either of us feel the program is not right for you then thats cool.

But if after the consult you want to get rid of your depression and your ready to get your life back then we can book you in and start getting you back to being yourself again.


More Success Stories 

I overcome adversity quickly - and have bouncebackability that I’ve never had before.


Jonathan’s support to me as a man has been transformative.  


Men - book your sessions with Jonathan.


I feel like I’m moving on with my life full of self-belief as a man who has stepped into his own power.  Empowered and content.

A Nathan 

When I found Jonathan I was very sceptical, the stereotypical Psychiatrists/Therapists are not my cup of tea shall we say, the idea of laying on a couch in a dark room opposite a guy in a chair writing down my life story and asking me “how do you feel about that” is never going to happen!

 Jonathan worked with me for a little over two months to turn the triggers off, he doesn’t just paper over the cracks like a lot of traditional therapy.

Jonathan and the work he does literally saved my life and I’ll be forever grateful.

N Mazerole

The biggest change for me is my outlook on everything. Nothing bothers me like it used to. I don't hold things within myself like I used to. I've realised, through working with you, thoughts that are not positive or nourishing for my life do not work for me. So I have made the decision to not allow those to rule me anymore. I'm the master of my now and of my future - I'm going to live it as free as I choose it to be

D Sarsby

Who Is This For?

Who Is This For?

If your fed up suffering with depression and your ready to get your life back 

If your willing to face those negative thoughts and feelings and let them go finally 


If your willing to face those negative thoughts and feelings and let them go finally 

If your willing to face those negative thoughts and feelings and let them go finally 





Who Is This Not For?

Im Scared 

If your fed up suffering with depression and your ready to get your life back 

If your fed up suffering with depression and your ready to get your life back 

If your fed up suffering with depression and your ready to get your life back 

If your fed up suffering with depression and your ready to get your life back 





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I look forward to helping you solve your depression  

Until then stay healthy stay happy & keep smiling 

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