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Introducing The Brand New DTO SYSTEM From Jonathan Shaw 

You Don't Even Know You Have....



A Brand New System 

That reveals the complete blueprint to people's inner belief system that is causing them to feel stuck in life and effecting their health, relationships & finance. It gives a step by step system to change those beliefs and finally get the life and success you desire without having to clear the past  

From the desk of jonathan shaw 

For 18 years now I have been helping people change their beliefs and past traumas, to help people heal their chronic pain and Health issues that could not be helped traditionally 

Ive studied lots Of techniques like EFT, Matrix reimprinting, Theta Healing, advanced clearing Energetics ETC 

But I still struggled to clear my own issues 

And would get client where I just didnt know where to start to solve thier problem 

And sometimes no matter what I did with a client, It just didnt seem to work 

I was really frustrated 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Then 3 year ago I stumbled upon 

Something That Changed My Life 

And the lives of my clients 

I Discovered a way to literally switch off negative thoughts/Beliefs & Emotions 

And I Discovered How To Switch them off without having to go back to the past or find the past trauma from childhood or past lives 

And after 3 Years I developed a Completly Brand New System, That is unlike anything you will have come across before 

Discover How To  SWITCH OFF 

Any Negative Thought And Emotion Fast

I Have Discovered a way to literally switch off negative thoughts/Beliefs & Emotions 

I have Created a process that lets you solve anyones problem from the present moment without having to go back to their past 

Instead of clearing the trauma or emotions the DTO system permanently switches off the triggers that keep the problem running 

I have cut out all the guess work and analysing so that you can just focus on your client and enjoy the process and have fun 

What The DTO System Is Not 

The DTO System is unlike anything I have ever learned or come across, One of the students who has already studied with me said

"Its a logical path to enlightenment"

Before I explain More About What DTO Is Let me Share With You What Its Not 

Its Not .......




Matrix Reimprinting

Theta Healing 

Faster EFT 




Sedona Method 



Inner Repatterining

In fact its nothing like anything I have ever come across. Now I know thats a bold claim 

But Let me show you exactly what your going to learn.........

Lets Go Quantum :)

Module 1

The DTO Clearing Method 

A Brand New Discovery that Allows You To Switch Off Negative Thoughts/Emotions And Switch On Positive Ones In Seconds This is a simple 4 step process for releasing or changing any negative emotion or thought in 30 seconds to a minute 

Has multiple applications - Once you know the basic 4 steps You can apply it to anything, internal Thoughts & feelings , environmental situations, decision making, healing past memories and traumas, reducing symptoms in the body e.g. pain 
Can be used anywhere - Unlike a lot of techniques that require you to do something that looks weird or you have to shut your eyes, with DTO you can do it anywhere, because its a simple process thats done in your head, so no one knows your doing it, so it can be done on the train, while your walking around, while you are shopping etc You can even do it while you are having a conversation with someone 
Can be done on others - The basic 4 steps are so simple you can use it on anyone of any age    ( who can communicate with you ) 
Nothing Weird To See Or Do - because there is nothing weird about it and its all done in your head, you don't have to worry about your clients reaction or what others will think. you don't have to worry about people seeing you do it and thinking your weird because there is nothing to see 
Its simple & Quick - The process is so quick its like magic, I have given other systems to clients before and they just couldn't get them but with DTO my clients find themselves just doing it naturally and because its so super simple my clients just take to it even if they have never used any form of clearing before 
Can be given to clients between sessions to speed up there healing - I give these basic 4 steps to my clients between session so that if anything comes up they have a simple tool they can use themselves which empowers them and gives them back control 
A New Paradigm In How Your Mind Works - DTO gives us a new simple understanding of how our brains actually work that will change the way you look at your own issues as well as your clients, so you can solve problems faster and easier 
Can change any negative sound or image within minutes - This is incredible, if you or your clients have any negative images or auditory sounds that are bothering them, DTO can clear them within minutes and your client can even do this themselves 

Module 2

The DTO Micro Belief Work 

Discover A New Paradigm In Beliefs, Called MICRO BELIEFS And How By Using 1 Simple Magic Question You Can Get To Anyones Micro Belief About Any Problem And Just Switch It Off  It is a process that effortlessly gives you a complete blueprint to people beliefs that are keeping them stuck 

No Guesswork - you no longer have to try and work out what might be causing the problem or analyse where it comes from, with the DTO system you always no where to start no matter what the problem is  
Only One Magic Question To Find The Micro Belief  - Most therapies teach you lots of questions to ask to get to the root of the problem, But the DTO system is simple, you only need one question to get to the root of the problem, it makes working with client more fun and enjoyable because your not thinking all the time you can just focus on the client  
A New Paradigm In Beliefs - Knowing this will change the way you view people and the world around you, and will make it 100 times easier to understand where your client is and how to solve there problem in half the time 
How To Know When you have found the correct belief - Understanding the beliefs you are really looking for will save you so much time and make yours and your clients work together a million times more productive 
Cuts Out All The Hard Work  - Working with some clients can be challenging and often hard work to try and unravel where something comes from but with DTO you always have an exact roadmap and always no where to start 
Clears the inner voice that keeps you stuck - A lot of people have an inner voice that cannot get rid of and don't know where it comes from. DTO will show you what that inner voice really is and how to stop it altogether 

Module 3

DTO Trigger Work 

Revealed An Exact Roadmap To Be Able To Solve Anyones Problems Without Having To Go Into Their Past Or Delve Into Their Childhood The trigger work is an exact roadmap to find the root of someone's problem by going to a recent memory instead of the past and by clearing it in a very specific way it will clear the past at the same time

Clients Do Not Need A Good Memory - DTO does not require your client to have a good memory or be able to recall childhood trauma, and yet DTO is able to quickly get to the root of the problem and witch it off very quickly 
You Do Not Have To Deal With The Past Memories - This is revolutionary, the ability to actually heal someones past without having to go back to it and remember it, knowing this alone is pricelss 
Gives You The Roadmap To Solve Any Problem  - with DTO you will always no exactly where to start when your client presents you with a problem, there is no more guess work no analysing You can just focus on treatment 
Saves Time - DTO will save you so much time because it takes the client straight to the root cause, there is no fluff no story telling, it focuses the client and directs them straight to their micro belief and then you simply switch it off.
Works With Law Of Attraction Fast - When you switch off people triggers and there micro beliefs, the law of attraction kicks in almost immediately and there life changes very quickly  
No More Remembering Lots Of Questions - Most other techniques require you to learn and remember loads of digging questions and analysing questions, But DTO cuts all that out and gives you 1 simple question that will do all the hard work for you 
No More reframes Needed - You no longer need to reframe the client or give the client answers to problems because DTO is designed to bring the client back to who they truly are and when they come from that place of being themselves they will always do the correct thing and take the best possible action for them 

What Others Are Saying 

 I am still in the early stages of using the DTO system; already I can see its impact, with some profound shifts for clients who are finding that it takes them straight to the root of their issues and enables them to change their core functioning, whilst cleverly bypassing the conscious mind.  


And the training itself? Jonathan very kindly offered to trial his training online, even though his preferred method will always be through face to face events. I am so glad that he did: the learning has been beautifully paced and broken down; I am using it on a daily basis and enjoying it immensely.


This "simple" but profound system was made accessible through staged input and practice. I have been supported, enabled and encouraged at every stage and I am really interested to put this work into practice with further mentoring along the way. Jonathan is insightful and intuitive, with the depth of experience needed to steady trainees, to guide and support.


His commitment to keeping things simple makes his work highly accessible. His patience, sense of humour and evident expertise makes feedback hugely useful and desirable. Jonathan sets everything up to enable success. I have thorough enjoyed learning from him and will continue to make the most of his expertise as I develop this tool in my own life and practice. It is exciting to be part of this work in its earliest stages: I look forward to its development with great interest. Thank you Jonathan!

I was fortunate enough to be part of Jonathan Shaw's on line DTO course.  It was a very helpful and informative course and Jonathan is an engaging and interesting speaker who is very knowledgeable.  I found the material and Power Point presentation easy to understand as it had step by step instructions to follow and I was able to get my questions answered either during live sessions or after each event.

I am not a particularly computer literate person but again I found the information was easy to access and readily available on line after the training sessions so I could go back and re-cap the sessions at my leisure to consolidate my learning.  

I have experienced DTO therapy myself with Jonathan and have found it extremely helpful, an invaluable resource for me on my ongoing journey.  I am also very grateful that I have been able to learn some of the techniques so I can further help myself and also clients I work with in my therapy practice. 

I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to either add tools to their tool box or who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Thank you Jonathan

Who Is This For??

If your a therapist who works with emotions and the mind Like an EFT practitioner, A councillor, An NLP practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, Advanced Clearing Energetics Etc Who has at least 5 years experience  THEN THIS IS FOR YOU 

If you are open to learning something completely new that is the opposite of everything you have been taught before 

If you have clients who are challenging and you would like to help them further to solve their problem 

If you are a therapist who has something that you have never been able to solve in yourself and would like to finally get to the root cause and get rid of it now 

If you would like to know how to solve your clients problems and your own without having to keep dealing with the past 


This is a 3 Day Live Trainning with me personally in the UK 

The dates of the course are the 19th 20th 21st November 2016

It is being held in the beautiful country side of essex in a place called Silver End 

In the future this training will cost £375 or More 


Because This is my first time teaching my DTO system live 

Its only going to cost £275 for the full 3 days 

If you would like to learn this AMAZING System 

Then All you have to do is Register Below..

P.s.  will provide tea/coffee & snacks for break times But Please Bring your own lunch 

Alternatively there is a supermarket 5 minutes by car 

I look forward to seeing you on the course 

Until Then.......

Stay Healthy Stay Happy And Keep Smiling :)

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