Basic DTO Course Online Training 

With Jonathan Shaw 

Limited To Nine Spaces 


A Brand New System 

A simple solution to switch off your negative thoughts and emotions that are causing you to suffer emotionally physically mentally and spiritually, so you can regain control of your health, wellbeing and start living your life again, feeling happy confident and alive. 

Module 1 - Introduction to DTO

Discover why stress affects us so much and what we can do about it 


Learn the Number #1 Myth about stress and discover what stress really is.

Discover how DTO clears the stress in a different and unique way to other systems 

Discover a simple mechanism in the brain that is the root of all problems 


Revealed how stress can literally be switched off using the DTO system 


Module 2 - The Basic Clearing

The Clearing Technique - This is a simple but powerful 4 step process you do in your head that will switch off any negative thought or emotion within seconds 


The Magic Words - these three words are the secret to transforming how you feel easily no matter where you are 


Discover how to get your mind to letting go of negativity easily without the fight. 

The Number #1 question you need to know to get your conscious mind and unconscious mind working together 

The 6 Elements - discover a simple way to know what works for you and what doesn't so you can switch it off easily 


Module 3 - How To Clear Negative/Traumatic Memories 

Clearing Negative or traumatic memories  - I will show you how to use DTO to clear negative/traumatic memories safely so you can move on in life and leave the past in the past.


The Movie Technique  - This is a fantastic technique to get yourself or the person you are working with to get into the memory so you can clear it easily 


Discover the right questions to ask to get to the emotions and beliefs you need to access so you can clear them easily 

Learn the simple method to know if the memory is clear and all the trauma is gone 


Discover how to know what memories you need to find and clear to solve a problem 




Module 4 - Clearing Negative Images & Sounds In The Mind 

Learn to clear negative images and sounds from past memories within minutes 

learn how to give this to other people to do at home so they can clear their own negative images and sounds easily  

Discover how to use this to help ease PTSD for people 

Learn how to find negative images and sounds that need to be cleared to heal problems